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ZXV10 H201L

ZXV10 H201L is an ADSL access device to support multiple line modes. It supports ADSL2/ADSL2+ and is backward compatible to ADSL, even offers auto-negotiation capability for different flavors (G.dmt, T1.413 Issue 2) according to central office DSLAM’s settings (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer).

ZXV10 H201L provide one FXS ports for VoIP application, and offer a specialized line of VoIP access devices that feature full compliance with industry standards, superb audio quality, rich functionalities, and high level of integration. It has a powerful remote maintenance, management function with the latest TR-069 terminal management practices, supporting long-range automatic updates to facilitate the large-scale deployment and maintenance for operators.

ZXV10 H201L provides four Ethernet port, one FXS port, and the wireless user access in compliance with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard. It can provide the transmission of broadband data service up to 150Mbps.

  • Providing 4 X 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
  • Providing one FXS port
  • Providing one DSL port
  • Supporting 802.11b/g/n
  • Supporting Bridge and Router mode
  • High reliability, simple operation and low power consumption

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