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In today´s intensive marketing competition, nearly all the GSM operators are claiming that their emphasis in network construction is to strengthen the scope, depth and quality of the network. What the operators need is to build the network at a high speed using advanced equipments.

In order to keep up with the explosive increase in the subscriber number and meet the further growing requirements, operators need to gain more perfect network coverage with lower costs. But the cost on the engineering part, especially at the building stage, always takes a significant part of total investments. Moreover, those parts will prolong the implementation period of the whole project. So the solution for outdoor coverage is launched to the market.

The Outdoor BTS can work without equipment room, it features flexible transmission power, built-in power supply, convenient installation, good adaptability to the field environment and lower investment.

ZTE Corporation is a leading telecommunication equipment manufacturer, continuously focusing on the provision of high quality products and solutions. According to the GSM market requirements, ZTE Corporation has provided full solutions of 900M, 1800M, 1900M and EGSM, as well as EDGE, HR (Half-Rate), AMR, and other products, to further meet user´s diversified requirements. ZTE can provide total solutions for GSM coverage, with various BTS series, indoor, outdoor, macro, micro. For the Outdoor BTS, ZTE is able to offer Macro/Micro Outdoor BTS with or without shelter.

Shelter BTS

ZTE Square Shelter is a complete base station system including base station equipment, an equipment room, and supporting peripherals. It is especially designed for an outdoor application of the base station system. It consists of a cabin, a power system, air conditioners, transmission devices, accumulator packs, a power and environment monitor, BTS, etc. In application, the Square Shelter makes a fixed equipment room unnecessary. It also features great convenience through the simple transportation, fast station establishment, and normal operation under all kinds of weather. In practice, it is widely used in transportation lines, scenic spots, and commercial centers. This Shelter greatly reduces the cost in construction of the equipment room and maintenance of the system. It can also speed up the pace of network construction. In fact, it is the best choice for the establishment of GSM networks in above-mentioned areas.

Merits of the Square shelter are listed as follows:

A ) Good versatility

The existing indoor mobile communication equipment may be installed within the Shelter for outdoor operation. For example, the racks of indoor B1 and B2 can be mounted within the Shelter.

B ) Good mobility

Being placed in an automobile and equipped with a generator set, the Shelter system becomes a set of automotive communication equipment. When the place of a shelter is necessarily to be changed, it can be hoisted and moved to the new site easily. 

C ) Convenient installation and maintenance

The equipment may be installed and adjusted properly within the Shelter in advance. The commissioning of the system is convenient, only involves the connection of several cables. And it is the most flexible choice of station site:

ZXG10 BS21

ZXG10 BS21 (Fig. 1) is the second generation large power compact base station. It features high transmit power, convenient and flexible installation and so on. Because of the capability to satisfy the requirements of wide coverage, low traffic, short construction period and low cost, it is the top choice for the wide coverage in villages and towns and the ultra-long distance coverage in the coastal shores.

Fig. 1

Its major performance, such as two carrier frequencies for each cabinet, great transmission power (80W) and single-cabinet installation, have made it the deluxe one among the series BTS. In addition to its combination of the outdoor integrated mini BTS and the indoor macro cell, its high output power can meet the requirements for the wide coverage over the plains, and its single-cabinet outdoor installation is able to overcome the installation difficulties in the mountain areas with complicated terrains. It is an ideal product suitable for different application purposes.

Merits of the ZXG10 BS21 Square shelter are listed as follows:

a) Very high transmission power

The output power is 40W or 80W, and it inherits both the coverage advantages of the common indoor BTS and the installation advantage of mini BTS.

b) Large capacity

A single cabinet can support the configuration of 2 TRX. It has much advantages compared with 1TRX Mini BTS.

c)  Convenient and flexible installation

One cabinet inside has incorporated the facilities such as transmission device, primary power supply and air conditioners, so its installation is easy and flexible.

d)   Good transmission capability

Inside the rack, a 19-inch width and 3U height space is set aside for the transmission equipment installation, which is compatible with the miniature transmission equipment from any manufacturer. (SDH, PDH, HDSL, and microwave indoor equipment with 19 inches in width and 3U in height). So it can ensure the unified management over the transmission equipment of the entire network.

e)  Good adaptability for the field environment

The BS21 has fully considered the lightning protection measures to meet at least B-grade lightning protection requirements. It can meet the requirements for waterproof, windproof; dustproof and power supply protection, and possesses the "three proof" functions: mold-proof, salt mist-proof and moisture-proof.

ZXG10 BS30

ZXG10 BS30 (Fig. 2) is a third generation compact outdoor GSM BTS product developed by ZTE Corporation. ZXG10 BS30 supports 40W output per frequency carrier and build-in transmission equipment, it can achieve wide coverage, can bear inclement working environment, and can run under various climatic conditions. ZXG10 BS30 features convenient installation and maintenance. It supports 220V AC and can save much of investment for operators on equipment room, iron tower, and power supply, thus achieving the aim of rapid station building and operation.

Fig. 2

Merits of the ZXG10 BS30 Square shelter are listed as follows:

a) Super Environmental Adaptation

ZXG10 BS30 features superb environmental adaptation and it can run normally under the condition of temperature from -40oC to 55oC, relative humidity from 5% to 98%. ZXG10 BS30 adopts the heat pipe refrigeration technology used in aerospace before, which ensures stable and reliable working of the high-power device. The built-in auto-heating module can hugely improve its adaptability to low temperature condition. The cabinet is welding fabricated by two layer folded metal board, which ensure high mechanical strength. The labyrinth water-resistant structure is combined with sealing strip, which reaches excellent waterproof sealing, IP55 level of protection.

b) Great Output Power, Achieving Wide Coverage

ZXG10 BS30´s output power reaches up to 40W. Successfully avoiding combiner´s insertion loss and using feed-cable free installation method, its coverage range is terrifying greater than micro BTS, even normal macro BTS. At the same time, its output power can be adjusted agilely between 2W~40W, so it can cover not only small hotspot and blind-spot area, but also large area.

c) Mature & Reliable Frequency Carrier Module

The complete equipment keeps stable and reliable working by adopting high quality industrial grade elements, mature module designing, and redundancy backup of the important function module.

d) Flexible Power Adaptability

Besides supporting -48V DC power supply, it can also integrate primary power source, and support 220V AC which has an adjustable voltage range from 130V~00V. It also supports secondary power based on the function of the power module. So when power-dump emerges, it can keep power on to ensure BTS normal working under the condition of cascading.

e) Flexible Transmission Solution

It has built-in transmission equipment, which has uplink and downlink E1 interface to provide transmission support for other equipments. It features convenient transportation, installation and maintenance. It can move agilely, and be installed both indoor and outdoor.

f ) Rapid & Reliable Software Online Update

With Flash Memory technology, the software can keep two versions at the same time. The services will not be broken in the time of downloading software. The original version can be still activated rapidly if version update fails.

g) Quick Startup

The software version keeps in Flash Memory, so it needn´t be downloaded when system startup. With interior high-speed bus, BTS startup needs only 1 minute. After power down and recovery, the BTS can reboot quickly and return work automatically without manual intervention. It is also very convenient for commissioning debug and routine maintenance.

h) Exterior Relay Alarm

Relay Alarm is a kind of alarm mode, which gathers other equipments´ alarm other than BTS´s. For example, air conditioning unit provides a Relay Alarm called air conditioning power down, it links this alarm port to BTS´s input port, then this alarm can be observed at OMC-R. Cooperated with other exterior equipment or environment monitor unit, it can provide ideal environment monitoring scheme.

Till now, ZTE ZXG10 BTS family has many types of products like BTSv2, BS30, BS21, OB08, SBTS etc to equip with the ZTE GSM total solution. How to meet the requirement of the customers is what we continuously promote in. ( Miao Wei )

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