Introduction to ZTE WCDMA Products


With the development of telecom technology and market, the third generation (3G) of mobile communications representing the future trend comes before us. At the beginning of 1990s, ITU had initiated the research and making of relevant technical standards. Now, the construction of 3G network has started to count down around the globe.

As early as 1998 when GSM and IS95 CDMA were under development, ZTE had begun to follow the development of 3G as well as collaborate with national standardization organization in entering ITU and 3GPP for 3G standards making.

In 1999, ZTE started R&D on 3G comprehensively and participated in relevant 3G standards making. The same year, ZTE joined the China 3G Intellectual Property Alliance and became the director of council. In December, ZTE “3G Project” was approved as “1999 National Key Technology Innovation Project” by National Economy & Trade Committee.

In June 2000, “China 3G System Demo & Evaluation Conference” co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information Industry and the National Planning Committee was held in Beijing. ZTE made the first WCDMA Baseband call by means of her proprietary baseband equipment at the meeting, and was highly appraised by Ministry leaders for her achievement in patent applications and intellectual property rights.

In July 2001, the whole set of WCDMA system passed the inspection by “863 C3G” expert team and realized WCDMA 12.2K voice call and 384K picture transport in mobile environment. In October, ZTE passed the technical bidding of MTNet.

In January 2002, ZTE proprietary full set of WCDMA passed the first stage test of MTNet by the Ministry of Information Industry. After the comprehensive test on functions, interfaces and RF performances, MTNet test team believed that ZTE WCDMA system was completely in compliance with “3G Mobile Communications Technical Regulations”.

In July 2002, ZTE worked with Nortel Network to complete the first cross-system WCDMA calling test. To interconnect Nortel WCDMA wireless access network with ZTE WCDMA core equipment has realized the first cross-system end-to-end WCDMA system solution in China. The subsystems from both parties for IOT are fully in line with 3GPP R99 Version 2001.6 and complete calls of circuit domain and packet domain.

In September, ZTE and NOKIA completed the IOT of WCDMA system, which further strengthened her leading position of 3G in China.
Also, ZTE conducted outfield testing and technical verifications on WCDMA in Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong together with major operators. Cooperating with domestic operators and research institutes, ZTE made various network tests.

Meanwhile, ZTE initiated the mobile service platform and set up “3G service open test lab” to test 3G service operation and commercial modes.

So far, ZTE has shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars in 3G R&D to ensure its quality and progress. ZTE WCDMA R&D subjects include Node B, the whole 3G WCDMA system of RNC and CN, 3G terminals, 3G network planning, network and service solutions, etc. So far, ZTE has completed WCDMA V1.0 system, realized basic functions of 3GPP, verified a great number of key technologies, accumulated design experience in broadband wireless access system and formulate 3G technical regulations. In the meantime, ZTE worked actively with CWTS on the formulation of national WCDMA system equipment and testing regulations.

The latest progress

  • Phase 2 test of MTNet by MII

    In April 2003, ZTE passed all tests in MTNet phase 2 by MII. By virtue of its outstanding equipment and site performance, the tests turned out to be a big success. Other major vendors proposed to conduct IOT test with ZTE.

    There are in total 12 WCDMA vendors around the world attending the test, which covers function test and performance test in mandatory items and optional items. ZTE was one of the only two vendors who passed 100% of 326 mandatory items. In optional part, ZTE passed 90.7% of 75 items and ranked No.2, ZTE passed 100% in other indices and racked top among all vendors. The test indicates that ZTE WCDMA has achieved breakthrough progress in system maturity and commercialization.

  • IOT test

    Since July 2002, ZTE has succeeded in making the first across-system WCDMA call test and the first across-system end-to-end WCDMA solution with Nortel Network, Nokia, etc. Now, ZTE is working on IOT with other dominant vendors, which has laid solid foundation for the commercialization of WCDMA networks.


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