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ZTE (ZTE Corporation) is China´s leading telecom manufacturer and network solutions provider in providing telecom equipment and telecom solutions to various networking needs for global market. As one of the 520 key state-owned enterprises acknowledged by the China´s State Council, ZTE has always been enjoying special support of the central government.ZTE´s stock has come into the market of China Shenzhen Stock Exchange since November 1997.

ZTE has a staff of over 9,000, 85% of which hold the bachelor´s degree or above, and over 3000 are Ph.D. and master´s degree holders. ZTE´s headquarters is located in Shenzhen, and its ten R&D Institutes are located in Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Xi´an and Chongqing of China, as well as Silicon Valley of U.S. and South Korea respectively. Besides, ZTE-TI Joint-lab and ZTE-Motorola Joint-lab were set up too. Furthermore, a national-level mobile postdoctoral center was set up in ZTE. ZTE undertakes part of the national telecom research subjects of "China 863 Plan" and "China Torch Program" due to its leading R&D capability. One of these kinds of projects is 3G. ZTE is the leading R&D unit of China´s 3G. So far, over 300 patent techniques are owned by ZTE, 60% of which are of invention. ZTE invests over 10% of annual sales value in R&D.

ZTE´s products cover 80 kinds in 17 categories, including switching systems, access network systems, GSM900/1800 system, CDMA mobile systems, optical fiber transmission systems, video conferencing systems, PCS, intelligent networks, centralized monitoring systems, data communication, power supplies, network management systems, cellular handsets and so on. With its own products, ZTE is capable of providing complete solutions to telecom networks and undertaking turnkey projects for any telecom networks including national level´s. In China market, ZTE is a major telecom equipment provider. 26 sales offices and 26 maintenance offices were set up for the public networks, and 7 marketing & engineering service offices for the private networks with national-wide. So far, over 30 million lines of ZTE equipment running in the networks of China Telecom, China Unicom, China Broadcast & Television, Railway , etc.

Overseas, ZTE has made a remarkable achievement in the world telecom markets. It has set up offices in near 50 countries and established business relationship with over 70 countries. Over 10 categories of products are running in telecom networks in more than 30 countries or regions, of which some are developing countries and others are developed countries or regions such as the U.S, Cyprus, Hong Kong, etc. ZTE contracted with Bangladesh to undertake telecom network reconstruction, won the bid of Pakistani telecom network construction valued at US$95 million, exported switching system to New York, exported videoconference system to Kenya, signed GSM project contract with Yugoslavia, undertook the nation-wide intelligent business network construction of Cyprus, provided switching system to Hong Kong New T&T, etc.

Further more, ZTE has established joint-factories in some countries to produce telecom equipment for local market, for example, in May 2000, ZTE´s Pakistan plant started operation in Islamabad. In some other countries, ZTE set up joint telecom corporations with the local telecom operators, for example, a joint ZTE-Congo Telecom Corporation with ZTE holding 51% share. This joint venture will provide telecommunication services by adopting ZTE´s GSM systems, switching equipment and satellite earth stations.

In last year its sales amount is near US$300 million. As China´s major provider for global telecom networks, ZTE is making its mark well known in world´s telecom industry. And ZTE has been growing as a large multi-national company by the globalization of its marketing, investment, R&D and human resource.

ZTE, Your Partaner

ITU TELECOM ASIA 2000 sponsored by ITU (International Telecommunication Union, www.itu.org) and hosted by Chinese government will be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from December 4 to 9, 2000. We will show advanced technologies and leading communication devices in the fields of mobile communication (CDMA, GSM, 3G and mobile handset), data communication, data transmission (SDH and DWDM), videoconferencing and power supply at Stand 2007 in Hall 2.

As an international networking solution vendor, we offer total solutions to meet customersÕ requirements for communication. We hope to cooperate with you in a basis of cordial cooperation and mutual benefit.

ZTE´s Presence Domestically And Overseas

  • ZTE´s switches, access servers and videoconferencing devices are leaders in the associated areas. Its switches and access servers amount to twenty percent of ports sold in China, and videoconferencing devices to sixty percent of newly-grew share.
  • ZTE is the first Chinese vendor to introduce commercial CDMA (Code Division Multiplexing Access) system.
  • ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) series products, including backbone and access switches, and multiplexer, have been widely used in China.
  • ZTE undertakes 3G project of 863 Program and has developed over ten patents.
  • ZTE´s IP Gateways are running well on nationwide public networks. Its IP Access Servers have been used in Bei-jing, Jiangsu and Shanghai.
  • ZTE´s AnyServiceTM Intelligent Network products have been widely used in Beijing, Fujian, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanghai, and Zhejiang.
  • ZXWM-32 Optical Transmission System, based on DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer Access), got licensed to be used in Beijing and Hunan.
  • ZTE is the first Chinese vendor mastering kernel technology for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communi-cation) handset, offering GSM, CDMA and PCS (Personal Communications Services) terminals.
  • ZTE189 is the first made-in-China dualband handset passing FTA test.
  • Hongkong based The New T&T Hongkong decided to use ZTE´s ZXJ10 Switch to increase 110,000 ports.

ZTE in Bangladesh

ZTE signed a contract with Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board (BTTB) on June 6, 2000. According to the contract, ZTE would offer the customer switching devices to set up 27 MSU (Main Switching Unit) exchanges and refurbish 77 existing analog exchanges with digital devices.

ZTE was rewarded 3-TAX Project in a tender in February 1999. This project included establishment of three national tandem exchanges with 30,000 line ports and 18,000 trunk ports in Comilla, Barisal and Kustia, three large cities in Bangladesh. It involved both ISP and OSP engineering.

ZTE won the 3 exchanges projects in March 1997, becoming the first Chinese networking solution vendor to enter Bangladesh telecommunication market. This turnkey project included provision, installation, testing and maintenance of switching, transmission, power supply and outside plant devices. The completion and commissioning ceremony was hosted by Prime Minister of Bangladesh, who spoke highly of the well-functioning system and the high efficiency of ZTE.


ZXJ10 Switch purchased by WCG Inc. was cut over successfully in May 1999 in New York, USA, which means that American carriers begin to accept ZTE´s switching devices. The system is running well, and test is under way. And it is also used in Chicago and Seattle.

ZTE in Kenya

ZTE signed a contract with Kenya Post & Telecommunication Corp. (KPTC) on December 4, 1998, exporting ZXMVC3000 videoconferencing system to the latter. It´s the first time for Chinese vendor to export videoconferencing system to overseas market.

The contract covers one MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), four videoconference terminals and eight HDSL (High Digital Subscriber Line) devices. The videoconferencing system serves General Post Office, international Exchange Center (EXTELECOM), Kenya College of Communication Technologies, and GTI, a joint venture.

ZTE in Pakistan

The Pakistan tender for turnkey project of switching systems and accessories valuing US$95 million, attracted many international bidders at the end of 1997. ZTE defeated other bidders and won the contract by its advanced technologies, excellent service and competitive prices.

ZTE supplied and installed ZXJ10 Switches with 305,000 ports, ZXSM SDH Optical Transmission Systems, and ZXDU power supplies in 36 exchanges in 15 cities including Islamabad and Karachi. ZTE was also involved in network migration including setup of exchange offices and outside cabling.

In April 2000, chief executive of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, inaugurated the opening at ZTE Telecom Factory (Pakistan) Co. in Islamabad.

ZTE in Mali

ZTE set up a trial switching office with 1200 ports and put it into commercial operation on April 23, 2000, in Kayes, the second largest city in Mali. After deploying ZTE´s devices, local communication has been greatly improved. A ZXWLL Wireless Local Loop System has been installed in Bamako.

ZTE in Cyprus

ZTE signed a contract with Cyprus Telecom Authority (CYTA) on January 26, 2000, in Nicosia, Cyprus, offering the latter an intelligent network system. This enables CYTA to provide its subscribers with 17 categories of intelligent services. ZTE provided the latter with SSP, SMP, SCEP, IP and interconnection solutions for information center, Web server, banks and other management organizations.

ZTE in Yemen

A MVC3000 videoconferencing system was opened in May 2000 in Yemen and accepted by ITPC, Yemeni PSTN operator and authority. The network connects terminals at ITPC´s headquarters in Sana´a, and its offices in Taiz and Aden, offering remote education, videoconferencing and other services.

ZTE in the Congo

Cooperation between ZTE and Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (MPT) of the Congo began several years ago; and the two sides concluded an agreement this year. According to the agreement, ZTE, with MPT, will set up a joint venture in Kinshasa, offering mobile access, domestic toll call and international access within the next 20 years.

ZTE in Hong Kong

ZTE and Hong Kong New T&T will hold a contract signing ceremony on December 4th at HKCEC. According to the contract, ZTE will offer the latter a switching system with 110,000 ports. At the meantime, our cooperation with Hutchison on CDMA handset will be reinforced at ASIA2000.

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