ZTE High-end Routers Product Enters European Market



    ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider, has been awarded a contract to provide high-end router and switching products to Vestitel, a subsidiary of Bulgaria’s largest natural gas company Overgas, helping Vestitel to expand its triple-play network from the country’s capital city Sofia to four other major cities, Varna, Bourgas, Rousse and Veliko Tarnovo.

    The operator’s current network, also from ZTE, has been providing Internet access, VoIP and IPTV services to subscribers since its completion in 2006. The expanded network will provide more advanced voice and video services such as corporate Internet and Visual Private Internet (VPN) services to a larger number of subscribers. It will consist of a controllable IP bearer network solution featuring high performance, high reliability, large bandwidth and QoS assurance.

    ZTE R10 series products used in the system will include the ZXR10 T64E and GER routers and T64G and T40G switches.

   "Compared to traditional Layer 3 switching architecture network, our proposed routing architecture network can provide a better networking solution for integration between national IP backbone network and metropolitan area IP networks, thus guaranteeing end-to-end QoS, powerful multicast and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) features, and helping Vestitel implement triple play and MPLS VPN services quickly and effectively," said Zhang Chengbin, international marketing director of ZTE’s Data Division.

    As a leading telecom manufacturer, ZTE has a full range of stable, reliable and customized data communications products including routers, Ethernet switches, broadband remote access servers and network management systems. According to CCID Consulting, in the first half year of 2006, sales of ZTE’s data products increased 200% compared to the same time the previous year and ZTE became one of the top three companies in the enterprise network market in China. Overseas, ZTE data products have been used to construct backbone networks, Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) and enterprise networks in over 30 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Thailand, Greece and Colombia. (ZTE)

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