ZTE Blade L5 Plus: A Pragmatic Smartphone


For many people, mobile phones are useful tools that can help them complete tasks properly, quickly, and efficiently.  Therefore, they do not need an extra large screen. A 5.0-inch or smaller screen that can be operated with a single hand is good enough. They do not need overly powerful performance that leads to a bulker phone and generates more heat. A mobile phone that can run smoothly without interruption is good enough. Blade L5 Plus is a practical smartphone. It presents entry-level users a brand new option.


Blade L5 Plus is compact and lightweight. The top priority in its design is good touch feel. This allows you to take it out and use it at any time. Even when you are engaged in work, you can still answer calls or reply to messages using only one hand. Meanwhile, both the software and hardware are configured properly. All in all, it is not dazzling as a flagship but it is a truly reliable companion.

1. Exquisite Exterior 
Blade L5 Plus may appear ordinary, but it is designed with great attention to detail. Modesty, gentleness, and simplicity are concepts underpinning its design, which, however, contains more exquisite details. For instance, the subtle grid pattern on the back surface emphasizes its texture. The arc of the back is not only ergonomic but also makes for a slimmer body. Together with the flat icon design, the smartphone fully presents the beauty of simplicity and neatness.


2. Portable and Pleasing to the Touch
Blade L5 Plus has a 143 x 72 x 8.3 mm dimension. It is smaller than the currently popular 5.5-inch smartphone, which allows the phone to be held and operated with one hand. Unlike the smooth bodies of many other smartphones, Blade L5 Plus has a little damped surface that does not easily slip out of your hand. The arced design, both on the back and along the edges, also means the phone fits in your palm better.


3. Fluent Performance
Running Android 5.1, Blade L5 Plus is equipped with a 1.3 GHz MT6580 quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM, and 8 GB ROM, and supports Micro SD card capacity expansion. It delivers a strong performance, and scored 25,411 in the Antutu test. It runs easily daily use apps, and can also handle mainstream 3D games supported by its 3D graphics capabilities.


4. High-Quality Camera  
Blade L5 Plus does not blindly seek high-end camera specs. It has an 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. Although the resolution is not high, it has commendable image processing capabilities and produces pictures that are fine enough for SNS. The camera software provides extensive shooting features, such as a smile shutter, HDR, auto-beauty, continuous high-speed shooting, panorama, and gesture-controlled shooting.


5. Powerful Preinstalled Apps
Android phones need frequent background cleanup to maintain operation smoothness. Blade L5 Plus has a built-in Clean Master app, which periodically runs a scan in the background to detect unnecessary files and helps you reclaim resources. This tool also has special features such as clearing out your private information. In addition, the phone comes pre-installed with a range of practical apps, including Facebook, Twitter, WPS Office, Dropbox and Google Maps. You can use the phone straight out of its box without the hassle of downloading and installing these apps.

Special Experience




Shooting Experience
Its 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera is responsive, and it does not exhibit “jello effect”. During the day, the camera captures much detail, with accurate white balance. During the night, it can capture great images that have no obvious noise or smearing thanks to its relatively large pixel size. It outperforms many other entry-level smartphones in detail reproduction.


Its 5-inch screen may be compact but offers outstanding resolution, viewing angle, color reproduction, and brightness. Especially, with relatively high brightness, the phone can display hidden details, when you are playing games or movies in dim surroundings. With a wide viewing angle, the phone allows two people to view the same movie simultaneously, and there is no image distortion.


24-Hour Experience Test

5 mins: It is lightweight. 
15 mins: With an arched design and grid texture in the back, it feels comfortable.
30 mins: The removable back cover allows the phone to have fewer openings and body integrity.
50 mins: It looks completely black when the screen is not lit.
1 hr: The Power and Volume keys are nice and responsive.
1 hr 18 min: The Android 5.1 OS starts fast.
2 hrs 35 mins: The 5-inch LCD screen displays bright colors with a wide viewing angle.
3 hrs 10 mins: The phone is pre-installed with commonly used apps such as WPS Office, Facebook, and Twitter.
4 hrs: Despite a limited memory, the phone could switch smoothly between apps.
6 hrs 15 mins: The camera starts and frames quickly. 
10 hrs 30 mins: Even in a dark room, objects still come readily into focus.
14 hrs 45 mins: After almost 15 hours of light usage, 58% battery remains.
24 hrs: I bring the phone with me and start a new day.



OS: Android 5.1
Network: GSM/UMTS
Display: 5-inch HD
CPU: MT6580 Quad Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM + 8 GB ROM
Camera: 8-megapixle (rear); 2-megapixel (front)
Battery: 2150 mAh



Mobile World Says:
Blade L5 Plus has pragmatism at its core: easy single-handed operation and good feel, proper software and hardware configuration, simple and direct OS UI, and rich pre-installed apps — all these make it seem like a familiar old friend, who has the best understanding of your needs.

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