ZTE V815W: The Best Value Phone


Budget and medium-priced smartphones are getting better and better, and ZTE V815W is a good value phone.



In the past, budget and medium-priced smartphones have attracted people with their configurations rather than the design or software. However, the designers of ZTE V815W do not think so. Instead, they have put considerable effort into the industrial design. In addition, it has an Easy UI, which makes the phone easy to use even for the elderly and children.


1. Design: The designers of ZTE V815W are proving that even budget and medium-priced phones can have stylish design and user-friendly UI. The full curve on the back is the highlight of the design. The sloping sides allow the phone to fit comfortably into the contours of the palm and make the phone look slimmer than it really is. You will not feel it poking into the sides of your hand or through your pocket.  It has a blue circle home key which is in line with the blue circle around the rear camera.


2. Performance: ZTE V815W has a dual-core MT6572m processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB ROM, and Android OS 4.4. Although the ZTE V815W cannot compete with flagship phone models in performance, the configuration is sufficient for daily use, and the score of this phone in the AnTuTu benchmark test is 10,000. With battery capacity of 1200 mAh, this phone can be used for about 1.5 to 2 days after one battery charge.


3. Camera: The rear camera is 2 MP and can produce images with a resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels, which is more than adequate for viewing on mobile phones. The cameras of most phones at this price cannot take photos in dark environments. Fortunately, ZTE V815W can produce images accurately with a high signal-to-noise ratio even under the illumination of a 20 W incandescent light bulb. The camera has many other functions, such as smile shutter, HDR, and continuous shooting.


4. Easy Mode: Most phones at this price target the elderly and children, so does ZTE V815W, which provides two UI modes: Usual Mode and Easy Mode. In Usual Mode, the common Android home screen is displayed. In Easy Mode, the customized home screen is displayed, featuring the most frequently used functions (recent calls, messages, camera, gallery, health, and dialer). The dial pad has large fonts with high contrast.


5. Video Playback: Video playback is one of the strengths of ZTE V815W. Thanks to the outstanding video decoding capabilities of the MTK chips, ZTE V815W can play back the audio and video files in most popular formats, such as MP4, WMV, FLV, MKV, and AVI. We copied an episode of a 720p TV series into the phone, which lasts 40 minutes and is 1.2 GB. The phone played the file smoothly and without any jitters.


24-Hour Experience Test
1 mins: The phone is less than 10 mm, which feels good in your hands.
2 mins: The 4-inch screen is appropriate.
3 mins: The phone starts quickly, which makes users confident about its processing speed.
6 mins: There is still room for improvement of the bezel width and viewing angle.
50 mins: You can download and play Temple Run II smoothly.
60 mins: The phone in speaker mode produces high volume sound.
2 hrs: After a game is played for half an hour, the battery capacity is decreased by less than 10%.
3 hrs: A 720p video from YouTube can be played clearly and smoothly.
5 hrs: The phone does not generate too much heat.
5 hrs 30 mins: With 512 MB RAM, task switching is a bit slow.
7 hrs 10 mins: The Easy Mode provides clear interfaces and allows a large font for SMS.
11 hrs 20 mins: It allows continuous shooting of nine photos of a car passing by.
13 hrs: Google Maps together with GPS tracker lets you see where your friends are.
24 hrs: After four hours of usage, still 48% of the battery capacity remains.

OS:  Android 4.4
CPU:  MTK MT6572m
Storage:  512 MB  RAM+ 4 GB EMMC
Camera:  2M  FF (Some versions also have a 0.3 megapixel front camera)
Battery:  1200 mAh
Display:  4.0 inch, WVGA 480×800
Others:  Accelerometer, GPS and Bluetooth
Size:  125.0×64.0×9.8 mm


Daily User Experience
ZTE V815W was tested in the common application scenarios of smartphones, including sharing texts and pictures on SNSs, watching movies and video clips on video websites, and playing games. Facebook and Twitter can be opened in two seconds. If the user wants to share images, the phone can adjust the resolution and upload the images rapidly. In most cases, the user would choose to play videos with a resolution of 720p or higher for better display effects, and ZTE V815W can play back such videos smoothly without generating too much heat. However, gaming seems to be a challenge for ZTE V815W. It can cope with Temple Run II and Angry Birds but not more advanced games such as Need for Speed, which has intense graphics and special effects.

Camera Experience
The camera of ZTE V815W is adequate for use. First, the shooting interface starts quickly, which is quite important for capturing a fleeting moment. Second, it has all the necessary functions, such as storing the GPS coordinates inside photos, and using the HDR mode when there’s a big difference between dark and bright areas. The smile shutter can be used when several friends want to take a photo together.

Mobile World Says:
ZTE V815W has a good industrial design with a 9.8 mm body. It uses the advanced Android 4.4, and Easy Mode is especially suitable for the elderly. It is quite competitive among entry-level smartphones. 

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