Hot Hi-tech Gadgets in 2013

2013-10-29     Wang Zhenxing

Emerging technology is changing our lives. High-tech products stand out with striking new features. They also give people a stylish look. Now let’s check out some of the trendiest products in the world of consumer electronics.


Smart Apparel


Ventura Sparc MGS: Hi-tech Watch
Price: US$5150-5500

The Ventura Sparc MGS comes at a hefty price because it is an advanced mechanical automatic digital wristwatch. Its LCD screen and microprocessor rely on the microgenerator system (MGS) instead of standard batteries. The MGS is based on the energy from wrist movements and supports an automatic winding function. Sparc MGS has energy management, alarm clock, chronograph, and 100-year perpetual calendar. In addition, it also has sleep mode (LCD display off, functions on) and motion sensor to monitor watch movements that are usually available on smart wristbands. Its EasySkroll input system uses a scroll wheel to make watch adjustments easy. The MGS can be seen working inside the watch thanks to the transparent housing.


MYO: Gesture Control Armband
Price: US$149



The armband has groundbreaking technology. By waving your arm in the air you can scroll through Web pages. By moving your finger you can switch from one application to another. By clenching your fist you can stop playing a music file. By rotating your wrist you can control the volume. By stretching your arm you can raise a weapon in a computer game. The MYO armband essentially uses muscle activity and electromyography signals to control the devices. MYO first measures the electrical impulses generated by muscle movements in your forearm to detect hand and arm gestures, and finally translates the gestures into the corresponding commands that control a PC, a mobile device, or a remote control.


Connected Devices

Socialmatic: Polaroid Instagram Camera
Price: US$300 (estimation)



Instagram is well known for its multiple filters and the function of quick sharing. This lovely application will soon become a reality. The Socialmatic Instagram camera is different from other Polaroid cameras and has built-in Instagram digital filters and Wi-Fi capabilities for internet. In other words, you can use the camera to take pictures and then share them on Instagram. It can also print out pictures instantly.

Gajah InkCase: Additional Screen on the Back
Price: US$129



Cell phone cases are generally used to protect or personalize mobile phones. Gajah InkCase gives you an additional E-Ink screen on the back to view and manage pictures, read e-books and browse social networks. An E-Ink screen comes in different sizes to suit different mobile phone models. The InkCase uses Bluetooth to communicate with the phone and works with specific apps installed on the phone. 

Vamp Verza: Audio Accessory for Phones
Price: US$600



Smartphones have become the most popular music devices, but people are often unsatisfied with the mediocre sound quality. V-Moda has introduced the Vamp Verza case to solve this problem. The device improves sound quality by converting digital output into analog form while increasing the volume of the headset with its amplifier. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the Metallo case.


Smart Household Appliances

Goji: Smart Lock
Price: US$278



As smart mobile devices become more widely used, latest technologies are being used by the traditional manufacturing industry and are beginning to penetrate people's lives. Goji is a smart lock that takes home security to a new level. It has a LED screen that welcomes the owner by name. The lock has a built-in camera to take snapshots of everyone coming in and going out of the door and sends the pictures to a predefined mobile phone. In addition, the lock runs on Wi-Fi and is equipped with Bluetooth and electronic encryption.  You can control the lock with a smartphone when there is a wireless connection. One battery can sustain the lock for about one year. When the battery runs low, it sends you a notification. The smart lock will attract some hi-tech fans despite its relatively high price.


Science and technology can benefit mankind and change the world. With these hi-tech gadgets, we can enjoy great convenience in life.


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