A Magic Journey with ZTE Blade Apex


Photo: Liu Zheyao  Model: Darina  Stylist: Ding Feng  Makeup: Yu Dadou


Travel with Time

Memories of the past persist
When ZTE Blade Apex
Opens the door
To a journey of fantasies.
Through time and space,
Everything changes.
Along the high-speed LTE network,
I look into the future.
I search for traces of you,
Just to find you by my side,
Turning on this magic journey.


ZTE Blade Apex uses the latest 4G LTE technology that supports much higher data download speed than 3G networks. It can switch freely between 3G and 4G networks to allow for fast internet access.


Touch to Share

Moving from one space to another
I see a world of wonders.
I feel the joy and surprises
And want to share them with you.
Supporting Wi-Fi sharing
and multi-screen interaction,
ZTE Blade Apex makes it easy to share
As I've dreamt it to be.


With the built-in Wi-Fi Direct, ZTE Blade Apex enables you to quickly transfer large files. Once you connect your mobile phone to a display device through Wi-Fi, you can play photos, videos and music files from your mobile phone on a large screen.


Magic Mirror on the Wall

At the end of my journey,
I gaze at the 4.5-inch IPS qHD screen
That reminds me of the magic mirror on the wall.
In the mirror I see my different selves—
The one who enjoy communications,
The one who enjoy entertainment, 
And the one who enjoy photography.
Thank you for the colorful life
You’ve brought.
You’ve been a perfect company in this magic journey.


ZTE Blade Apex has a 4.5-inch IPS qHD 540 × 960 pixel screen to deliver rich visual content. It also allows for one-hand operation.

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