ZTE Open: Opening the New Era



The smartphone market has almost been monopolized by Android and iOS. Even Windows Phone 8, which has been heavily promoted by Microsoft, hasn’t performed as well as expected. Then there are other operating systems, such as Bada, Meego, Web OS and Ubuntu Mobile OS, that haven’t made a great impact in the market. In this environment and with the support of multiple operators and phone makers, Mozilla has introduced Firefox OS. ZTE Open is the world’s first smartphone to run the operating system.


As the first Firefox smartphone, ZTE Open has been received with interest. With Android, the mobile phone hardware race has heated up, but iOS proves that system optimization and efficiency is key to user experience. Firefox follows along these lines. ZTE Open comes with a 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM7225A processor and 256 MB RAM, which provides a smooth experience. Firefox is a web-based open source system and is highly efficient. It is much less demanding on the hardware than other operating systems. As a result, ZTE Open runs quite smoothly with less powerful hardware.




ZTE Open’s compact shape sets it apart from large-screen phones, and it can be held and operated in one hand. The frosted shell has an addictive texture, and the metal frame looks stylish and gives substance to the design. There are only two physical keys on the sides: one for power and the other for volume. All controls are at your fingertips. ZTE Open is available in blue, white, orange, or grey.


Operating Firefox is similar to operating Android and iOS. Most users will pick it up in no time. Many operations on Firefox are similar to those on Android. You can click the unlock icon to enter the interface, slide left or right to switch between screens, quickly pull down the notification bar, and long-press the home button to open multitasking. Firefox is also similar to iOS in that it dispenses with the secondary menu and puts all icons on the home screen. ZTE Open caters well to user habits so that people can get used to the new operating system without much difficulty.




ZTE Open has a 3.2 MP camera with image processing software for exposure, cropping, filtering, and framing within the phone’s photo gallery.


ZTE Open has Marketplace pre-installed so that users have easy access to Firefox apps. Most of the standard apps and games, such as Airbnb, Box, Cut the Rope, Facebook, Pulse News and Twitter, can be run on Firefox, and more apps will be developed for the open platform.


About Firefox OS
Firefox uses a Linux kernel and is built entirely with open web standards. The phone is significant because it provides smooth user experience on simple hardware.  Firefox is one of the most prominent mobile operating systems besides Android, iOS and Windows Phone. At present, it is not as popular as the three mainstream systems, but over time, it will definitely be a great choice for the entry-level segment.


Network: GSM+UMTS
Processor: 1 GHz (Qualcomm MSM7225A)
Memory: 256 MB RAM + 512 MB ROM
OS: Firefox OS
Camera: 3.2 MP
Display: 3.5-inch 320 × 480 TFT
Battery: 1200 mAh
Dimensions: 114 × 62 × 12.5 mm
Weight: 120 g 

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