An Overview of Industrial Design Awards

2013-02-28     By Chen Hongyu

From Bauhaus to Braun, modernism to post-modernism, Mies van der Rohe to Naoto Fukasawa, and Sony to Apple, modern industrial design has developed a great deal over the past century. It has evolved into a complete industry that influences the life and aesthetics of people all over the world, and many international awards have emerged.



The iF Design Award, Red Dot, IDEA, and G-Mark Award are four internationally recognized professional awards for industrial design. The Red Star Design Award and Successful Design Award are the most prestigious awards in China. All of these awards are given annually and have attracted numerous outstanding designers and design institutions.


iF Design Award


The iF Design Award has been around for more than 50 years and is known internationally as the most prestigious industrial design award. It is conferred by Germany’s oldest industrial design institution, iF Industrie Forum Design, which was founded in 1953 and is based in the Hannover exhibition center. The award highlights excellent industrial design and has brought significant attention to good design practice.

The iF Design Award is based on Staatliches Bauhaus’ concept of “form follows function.” They are given for functionality, convenience, innovation, production quality, and outward design. In awarding an iF Design Award, the panel considers whether the design will be a future trend in the industrial community.

The iF Award China was set up in 2003 and has run successfully for eight years. Many ZTE products, including V260, D300 and D90, have won the award. iF China was suspended in 2011 and all entries from China were submitted to the iF International Award for evaluation. ZTE Grand S was honored with the 2013 iF International Design Award.


Reddot Design Award


The Red Dot award was born in Germany in 1955 and has a distinctive red dot logo. It was originally organized by a designers’ association in Germany but later developed into a world-famous prize for innovative design. Now the red dot has become one of the world’s most prestigious awards. Every year, the awards are presented by the Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen in Germany. The jury judges entries on the basis of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, environment, and durability.

ZTE's D300 Cupid phones as well as CoverFi, Double, and Fantasy concept products have all won Red Dot awards.


IDEA Awards

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is an industrial design competition organized by BusinessWeek magazine and judged by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). Established in 1980, IDEA is mainly awarded to products already for sale. IDEA is America’s only world-class industrial design award and highlights the theme of freedom and innovation. It has become more and more prestigious since the 1990s.



China Red Star Design Award

China Red Star Design Award was established in 2006 by many authoritative organizations, including the China Industrial Design Association and the Development Research Center of the State Council. As the benchmark of China’s industrial design industry, it is gradually developing into one of the world’s most famous industrial design competitions. Since it was established, the Red Star Design Award has significantly boosted China’s design industry. ZTE’s D180 has previously won a gold China Red Star Design Award.


Good Design Award

Japan's Good Design Award (G-Mark) was set up by the Japanese government in 1957 with the aim of promoting design innovation. The award is based on the belief that design is essential and indispensable to people's everyday lives; it is not only for the purpose of marketing and business. Of course, the Japanese culture of precision is also an important consideration for judging designs.


Successful Design Awards-China

The Successful Design Awards is organized by Shanghai Industrial Design Association and is awarded for designs in different areas. It is intended to strengthen innovation in China’s design industry. ZTE’s Mr. 8 (U220) won a platinum 2011 Successful Design Award, and many other ZTE products, including Blade, have obtained the awards also. 



ZTE Gold Mark Design Award

Established in 2011, ZTE’s Gold Mark Design Award is the first heavyweight enterprise award for ZTE designs and products. The award is judged according to ZTE philosophy of “Friendly, Innovative, Pure, and Thoughtful.” It is judged by a professional international panel, and each year, five awards are given. These awards include Most Outstanding Design Award. ZTE’s Gold Mark awards ceremony is held at the ZTE Designers’ Night each year. Artists, designers, and top representatives from various industries are invited to join the event.


Since the industrial design unit was established, ZTE has participated in various competitions every year. ZTE has won 15 awards in the four major international design contests and five prizes in China’s Red Star Design Awards and Successful Design Awards. This indicates that ZTE’s products and designs are highly recognized in the industrial design sector. 



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