JoinMe: A PC Suite for ZTE Phones

2013-02-28     By Wu Lijia

There have been many kinds of PC-side management tools for handsets, but none have been specially designed to be compatible with ZTE smartphones. For this reason, ZTE designers have designed a PC suite called JoinMe for ZTE phones.   



When there's only one device connected to the computer, you can use JoinMe to see the phone and SD card storage and the number of contacts, short messages, call records, apps, music files, video files, and pictures. When there are multiple Android devices connecting to the PC, you can switch between these devices easily. With the backup and restore function, you don't need to worry about losing data if you lose your phone. In addition, the SD card management function makes it much easier to import or export files.




Contacts management helps you divide all contacts into different groups. The contact list is displayed according to the frequency of contact. With the smart search function, you can find people fast by entering part of their name or phone number into the search bar. After finding the contact, you can write a message or edit the contact information.  You can manage contacts on the phone and also add, edit or delete contacts on the SIM card. JoinMe allows mutual backup and transfer of contacts on the phone and SIM card. You can also set an icon for each friend.



To help you search, JoinMe combines all messages from one contact and shows them in chronological order. You can easily chat with friends via messaging. With tabs such as all, unread, sent, failed to send, and stored unsent, it's very easy to check messages.


Call Log


You can quickly check when a call was made and how long it lasted. You can choose a contact for messaging or directly add the unsaved contacts to the contact list.



All installed apps and system applications are listed. A full range of hot apps—from professional office apps to cool games—are also recommended. You can move apps between the SD card and phone memory without uninstalling them.





The entertainment section includes music, video, and picture management. You can manage all audio files on your phone and set ring tones via JoinMe. Detailed information about every video file can be checked. You can also crop, rotate and edit photos with this tool.  



Schedule management is one of the unique features of JoinMe. All of your schedules can be displayed in the form of day view, month view, week view or full view so that you can make right arrangements. You can even back up your schedules on the computer.


Upgrading the Android system is complicated. JoinMe can help you upgrade the existing operation system, try new functions, and fix system bugs to make your phone run more smoothly.

With JoinMe, you can effortlessly manage your contacts, text messages, call records, applications, music, video, pictures and schedules. It is a good helper for your phone.


You can download JoinMe from




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