ZTE's Mi-POP Virtual Button: Giving You a Real Full Screen

2012-12-28     Ye Qing

Screens are getting bigger, and physical buttons are being phased out. iPhone only has a home button to control all functions. Android phones usually have three or four buttons that are going to be virtualized.
Physical buttons can be accurate to use, but after being used for a long time, they become less sensitive. It's not unusual to see a frequently used back or home button malfunction.  You also need to press physical buttons with appropriate pressure.

Some devices come with capacitive backlit buttons that light up at the same time as the screen does. However, the keys are not clear in the sunshine even when the keys are lit, and the backlight is too harsh at night.



Therefore, another new operation mode has come out. ICS has introduced virtual buttons to replace physical buttons. It's much more convenient when the virtual back, home and recent apps buttons are at the bottom of the screen. However, it's difficult for users to quickly locate the bottom buttons with just one hand for screen sizes over 5-inchs.

ZTE Mi-POP virtual button was designed to solve these difficulties. What experience does it create?


Giving you a full screen 
Mi-POP expands the screen to full size, increasing the screen utilization rate by about 10%.


Easy operation with touch and drag 
When it is inactive, Mi-POP is a Back button, but you can drag it to show Back, Menu, Home and Recent Apps.



Easy control with one hand
Mi-POP can be dragged anywhere on the screen to allow one-hand operation. It can even intelligently stick to the screen edge for more effective management.


Using Mi-POP is up to you
Users can set the screen to show Mi-POP and the bottom tab bar together or individually. Mi-POP supports full-screen mode. With a long press of the power button, you can easily exit or activate Mi-POP and the bottom bar when you are viewing videos or playing games.



Mi-POP has been pre-installed on ZTE's quad-core phone Grand Era U985. It provides some added convenience that physical buttons might bring to some people. It enhances user experience and adds fun. Many people feel that Mi-POP is more efficient, and the full-screen UI is more attractive.


Consumers require much more than good appearance; they are increasingly focused on the software, UI, and user experience when they are deciding which handset to buy, and the ZTE team pays attention to these things.

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