ZTE Debuts New Mobile Phone Design Concept


Sales of ZTE Blade have reached 8 million across the globe, and ZTE Skate has been launched in nearly 30 countries. The success of ZTE’s blockbuster phones has also made design a new focus of attention. On December 15, 2011, ZTE held a  “designer’s night” to debut its new design concepts. ZTE also took the opportunity to award outstanding designers. 





The New Design Philosophy

ZTE’s new philosophy is based on “caring, creative, simple, and smart.” The “caring” aspect highlights ZTE’s consideration of customer needs. “Creative” is intended to emphasize innovation and new designs, and “simple” refers to the sleek, clean appearance of ZTE’s devices. The “smart” refers to designing products in a way that is intelligent and socially responsible. This design concept applies to the appearance of ZTE handsets and also to ZTE’s unique UI Mifavor, a user-friendly  interface. The concept also extends to the materials used in ZTE’s products and packaging, which are simple and environmentally friendly. ZTE takes the emotional needs of users into consideration and tries its best to improve UE.

The philosophy is an upgrade of ZTE’s old design concept of “Presenting Flowers to a Lover,” which was from the Italian design master, Ettore Sottsass. It means that designers should carry out their work like cultivating flowers for a lover. With the new philosophy, there is still a "caring" focus on users. But ZTE adds another three core principles, "creative,” “simple,” and “smart.”


The Status of Design in ZTE

Mobile phones are a consumer product.  Consumers are demanding in terms of handset aesthetics and usability, so greater investment needs to be made in design. ZTE has an engineer culture. However, with the development of handset industry, ZTE has put greater emphasis on the strategy of driving R&D through design and has started to cultivate a designer culture. ZTE’s ID and UI design departments are important in ZTE’s management structure, have well-developed appraisal and encouragement mechanisms to help designers carry out their work smoothly.

“ZTE has always been focused on improving the design of its terminals; it is part of what makes us competitive,” said ZTE EVP, He Shiyou. “We will implement the new “caring, creative, simple, smart” design philosophy and drive R&D through design.”


Powerful Strength in Design

ZTE adopts a golden mean approach to ensure that design is widely accepted. In addition, ZTE has been cooperating with overseas operators for years and can rapidly satisfy operator needs with customized technology.

ZTE has more than 13 years experience designing mobile phones, and releases more than 150 products annually. ZTE also has won more than 15 internationally recognized design awards. With a dedicated design team of over 400, the company now has four design centers in mainland China and one  in Germany.


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