ZTE Blade II Makes a Powerful Debut

2012-02-22     Yan Juan


ZTE Blade II is the successor to ZTE Blade, which sold remarkably well after it was launched in 2010. Blade II continues the legend of the original Blade.

Further Refinements
A very important reason for Blade’s widespread market acceptance is its exterior. It has an ultrathin design and feels good in the hand. Blade II retains the essence of the Blade series. It has a 3.5-inch screen, and dimensions of 115 mm × 58 mm × 10.9 mm. Blade II is thin and looks even thinner with angled sides. At the lower edge of the body, the sloping lends a sophisticated refinement to the handset.


The Blade series aims at the fashionable crowd. To suit their needs, Blade II also uses the battery cover's color to create special visual effects. The phone is available in deep coffee and white. The white handset has the silver gray battery cover, and the deep coffee handset has a champagne battery cover.


Rich Functions
Blade II runs on Android 2.3. In Blade II, Android is optimized to distinguish the phone from other Android phones and highlight the ZTE brand. ZTE’s Mifavor interface is fresh, clean and easy to use, which guarantees the openness of Android, ensures consistency of ZTE mobile phones, and enables consumers to use the phone effortlessly. Although the Android Market has hundreds of thousands of apps, Blade II is pre-installed with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, which allow young people who love social media and entertainment to find a way to kill time; Docs To Go allows business users to handle Word, Excel, and PDF documents at any time; Google Maps makes strange cities familiar and travel arrangements ??simple for travelers. If these were not enough, users can find their favored apps in the Android Market.
The hardware in Blade II has been upgraded. Blade II is equipped with a faster processor at 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM to run smoothly. It performs well with hardware-consuming video playback, and even high-quality games. The phone will not freeze, drop frames, or exit the app.

As a mid-range product, Blade II has a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 0.3 megapixel camera on the front for video calling. The phone has extensive camera shooting features, whether during the day or night, for animals or figures, scenery or architecture, users can obtain the best photography results.
Blade II can be fitted with an optional NFC function. After a carrier builds-in this feature, users can transfer pictures and music between NFC-enabled phones or use the phone for payment and access control.

Blade II is a continuation of Blade and has a stylish exterior, outstanding features, and adequate hardware. It is expected to be popular.

1.The battery cover is a different color


2.The three crystal buttons under the screen are like slivers that do not consume valuable space for the screen

3.A 5 megapixel camera with auto focus

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