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Data Card Family
ZTE’s data card family is big. ZTE has spared no effort in developing stylish data cards and has recently added several new data card designs. Each data card has its own unique style to meet the needs of different users, and CWID technology is used in a number of ZTE data cards. CWID stands for continuous packet connectivity (CPC), Web UI (user interface) and driver-free technology. It has been developed by ZTE for data cards that access high-speed HSPA+ mobile networks.


Enjoying Speed and Fashion

ZTE MF669B has a black shell made of mirror plastic material and decorated with an orange interlayer. Its profile looks like an orange cookie. The data card is slim and performs powerfully. It supports peak download speeds of up to 21.6 MB/s and upload speeds of up to 5.76 MB/s. It has a MicoSD card slot for up to 32G memory expansion. The USB connector rotates 270 degrees to ensure good signal reception. 
Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+  Speed HSPA+ DL 21.6MB/s, UL 5.76 MB/s Size 87 mm × 27.2 mm × 12 mm


A Chewing Gum
ZTE MF670 

Digital products are becoming thinner and lighter. When similar data cards are struggling to come down to 10 mm in width, ZTE MF670 has a stunning ultra-thin design and is a wafer-thin 6.8 mm. The chewing gum-like device also performs well, with a maximum 21.6 MB/s download speed. The pure white exterior with a metal belt in the junction reveals its elegant quality. The green indicator light at the rear also catches your eyes. 
Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+  Speed DL 21.6MB/s, UL 5.76MB/s Size 88mm×27.5mm×6.8mm


Blue and White Porcelain
ZTE AC2787 

People often forget to bring their data card with them. ZTE’s AC2787 has a lanyard hole on the side, so you can put it around your neck and take it anywhere. At 8.64 mm, it is ultrathin. It is classic blue and white color, similar to Chinese blue and white porcelain. AC2787 used RoHS-compliant lead-free material. It also supports diversity reception, which reduces fluctuation of signal levels.  
Standard CDMA2000 1 × EVDO Rev.A  Speed DL 3.1MB/s UL 1.8 MB/s ?Size 80.94 mm × 24.9 mm × 8.64 mm  Weight 35g


Good Inside and Out
ZTE MF667 

ZTE MF667 comes in pure white and looks elegant with pinholes on the sides. The large, semi-transparent indicator light at the end shows its working status. It supports a maximum 21.6 MB/s download speed and 5.76 MB/s upload speed, and it is also compatible with popular mobile operating systems. The device is good inside and out.  
Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+  Speed HSPA+ DL 21.6MB/s, UL 5.76 MB/s  Size 88.7 mm × 27.3 mm × 10.5 mm


Extreme Speed
ZTE MF681 

ZTE MF681 boasts a transmission speed of 42 MB/s and allows you to surf the Internet freely.  An Internet connection can be established within 15 seconds without the need to install software. It has a sliding connector, and the white ring-like signal indicator looks simple and stylish. It also supports memory expansion of up to 32G. Such a fast device is ideal for business people.  
Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/DC-HSPA+  Speed DC-HSPA+ DL 42MB/s, UL 5.76 MB/s  Size 76.7 mm × 29.3 mm × 13.3 mm


Small Keyboard, Great Wisdom
Verizon Adamant (ZTE F450)

F450 has a Qwerty keyboard and packs a lot of features into a slim, lightweight design. The frosted surface and sleek outline gives the phone a stylish look. Each button is glossy, especially the black large round button in the center gives you an impulse to press. The F450 is only 12.7 mm thick, which is outstanding when compared with similar phones. It is ready-made for global roaming in more than 200 countries. 
Standard CDMA 1X;GSM/GPRS/EDGE  Camera 2 megapixel  Size 109 mm × 61 mm × 12.7 mm  Weight 94 g


Return of the King
ZTE Mimosa X

ZTE Mimosa X is ZTE’s flagship phone and has advanced features. The dual-core CPU and a 4.3 inch qHD display ensure a good multimedia experience. The latest Android OS 4.0 has made Mimosa X even more powerful. The phone offers 1080p HD video shooting and playback as well as HD voice. A rear-facing 8 megapixel camera gives you stunning pictures. The phone also makes use of dual microphones to improve voice quality. High-speed Internet, a diverse range of applications, ultra-slim figure, and great feel make this ZTE’s flagship device. 
OS Android 4.0  Standard UMTS/HSPA+  CPU 1.2 GHz dual core  Camera 8 megapixel (rear) / 0.3-megapixel (front)  Display 4.3 inch 960 × 540 pixel TFT  Size 127 mm × 65 mm × 9.9 mm  Weight 110g  Memory 4 GB internal memory, a microSD card slot (up to 32GB)


Perfect Sound
ZTE Chorus

The prominent "Muve Music" logo on the interface together with the music note on the button under the screen shows this is a music phone. It is preloaded with Cricket’s Muve Music service, which enables users to enjoy unlimited songs streamed over Cricket’s 3G network. The phone supports SRS WOW HD technology for an immersive audio experience. The phone also lets you customize your sound preferences with SRS sound settings, and you can choose from acoustic, blues, hip hop, pop or rock music styles. It comes in an affordable price and is ideal for value-conscious music enthusiasts. 
Standard  CDMA2000 1x/EV-DO Rev.A  Display 3.2 inch WQVGA TFT  Size 111 mm × 57 mm × 14.8 mm  Weight 105g  Maximum Card Size 32GB


Good Value for Money

For 3G beginners, choosing a product with high value for money in the crowded 3G handset market is an art. ZTE V880E offers better hardware for a better price. It has a slim body and high-speed 1 GHz CPU. The large 4 GB built-in storage offers enough space for audio and video entertainment as well as applications. Its body has a metallic texture and the phone looks exquisite with a square frame around the camera in the integrated back cover. The large 4-inch screen is good for either games or social networking apps. It is believed that V880E will be the favorite of many 3G beginners. 
OS Android 2.3  Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA  CPU Frequency 1GHz  Camera 3 megapixel (Rear)/0.3 megapixel (Front)  Display 4 inch 480 × 800 pixel WVGA, TFT + TP ?Size 120.5 mm × 63.6 mm × 10.8 mm  Weight 140g  Memory 4 GB ROM + 512 MB RAM


A Social Networking Master
ZTE Nova Messenger

The Nova Messenger has a metal body and a smartphone-like UI. The phone integrates  Facebook and Twitter and also supports MP3, MP4, Wi-Fi, FM, JAVA, WAP 2.0 and MMS1.2. It has the same keyboard layout as a computer and uses blue dots to distinguish numeric keys. This gives a good visual effect and better operational experience. 
Standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE ?Camera 3.2 megapixel ?Size 107 mm × 60 mm × 10.3 mm ?Weight 95 g ?Display 2.4-inch QVGA, 262K, TFT ?Memory 1GB ROM+ 256MB RAM


A Good Companion
ZTE Nova 3.5



With a busy urban life, you really need a companion that takes care of your business, entertainment, and communications needs. ZTE Nova 3.5 is the perfect candidate. The 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen phone is easy to hold. Equipped with Android, the phone can be your secretary at work. It supports Wi-Fi, GPS, digital compass and accelerometer, and makes daily life more convenient. Entertainment is at your fingertips with a dual camera and collection of games. 
OS Android 2.3 Standard GSM/WCDMA/HSDPA  CPU Frequency 800 MHz  Camera 3.2 megapixel (rear)/0.3 megapixel (front)  Display 3.5-inch HVGA,262K  Size 112.4 mm ×59.9 mm × 11 mm  Memory 512 MB ROM+ 256MB RAM


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