Racer II A New Entry-level Smartphone

2011-08-25     Zhang Yumiao

As the price of smartphones go down, more people will substitute their smartphones for entry-level samrtphones. ZTE is dedicated to providing more affordable smartphones so that smartphone technology can reach a wider market. Now, ZTE is launching a new entry-level smartphone called Racer II.  The phone follows the release of the budget smartphones Blade and Libra.

The Curved Design
The overall design is elegant with beautifully rounded corners. Racer II has a similar appearance to ZTE’s first Android phone, Racer, which also incorporates curvature. The shape of Racer represents sleekness and speed. The camera slightly protrudes from the rear, but Racer II has a more contemporary look. Greater attention has been paid to details and this is reflected in the raised knuckle lines. The front and rear panels are separable, giving the phone a more compact look. At 104mm × 55mm × 13.5mm, the rounded phone feels comfortable and solid when held in the palm. The phone has a well-designed key layout. There are three physical keys under the screen. The home key is flanked by a hang up key and a call key. The combination of touch as well as physical keys prevents misoperation when making calls and using applications.

Decent Hardware Configuration
As an entry-level smartphone, Racer II is powered by Android 2.2 Froyo and an ARM processor running at over 500MHz. It comes with 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM and 200MB of internal memory. Although the phone has a basic hardware configuration, multi-tasking is smooth. For example, the phone does not slow or delay when opening a map, using handwriting recognition and chatting simultaneously. Racer II offers a seamless experience.

Mobile phone entertainment is indispensable as mobile phones evolve into multimedia devices. Racer II performs well when running mobile phone games. When running Plants vs. Zombies, the time from installation to entering the game interface is short and the games run smoothly. The 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen provides good visual effects for the games.

The phone has a decent 3 megapixel camera and includes compass, accelerometer and proximity sensor.

Practical Features
Racer II can help users lead a life of convenience. The built-in Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) can be used for high-precision positioning. If you cannot find a place, you can use Racer II to determine your own location and quickly find the right direction. The phone also packs in a variety of practical applications, such as file manager, task manager, Google Search and YouTube that allow you to integrate your work and personal life into a rich smartphone experience. The device can add support for near field communication (NFC) technology that provides all the benefits of mobile payments. 

Racer II is an entry-level smartphone aimed at the mass market. It is simple yet practical from the inside out. It is affordable without skimping on quality or performance. This makes it a good smartphone for those who want to switch from feature phones and try the Android system.

Independent call, hang-up and home keys reduce misoperartion


The 3.5mm headphone jack and power key on the top


The menu interface

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