ZTE Light Tab Lands in Indonesia

2011-07-04     Liu Guoxin

Light Tab has been successfully launched in several countries, and now it has finally been launched in Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. With steady economic growth in recent years and an open market, it is an important strategic market for manufacturers. Major mobile phone manufacturers are all competing fiercely for the Indonesian market. The ZTE brand, through years of cultivation, has rapidly increased in popularity and has become one of the major brands in the Indonesian market.

 Before Light Tab was released, the market already had a slew of tablet PCs. But ZTE's Light Tab has its own advantages. It has a very good cost-performance ratio, a long battery life, and enhanced stereo. It is also light and ultra-thin. With all these features, Light Tab is poised to become a popular device on the market. So that Indonesian consumers can become fully acquainted with the product, ZTE has planned its market release in detail.
The old adage "a good wine needs no bush" certainly does not hold true in today’s telecommunications markets. Especially in Indonesia, where manufacturer brands dominate, a manufacturer should promote their products directly to consumers (B-C marketing). This is different in Western countries where consumers are ready to accept operator-branded ODM products.  
A month before Light Tab hit the market on April 12, it was reviewed in Selular, a widely-read mobile phone magazine in Indonesia. A series of activities were also run on Facebook and Twitter. Light Tab became a talking point on the Indonesian market. 

On April 12, ZTE held a press conference to launch Light Tab. The press conference was held at the Grand Indonesia in downtown Jakarta, and 120 journalists were present. Light Tab was launched by Fan Xiaoyong, managing director of PT ZTE Indonesia; Liu Lin, vice general manager of ZTE's mobile broadband product line; and Susanto Sosilo, director of ZTE Indonesia Devices Division. As many as 200 Indonesian and Chinese media reported this event, which significantly helped in getting the message out.

Coinciding with the launch conference, a week-long Light Tab exhibition roadshow was held at Grand Indonesia. The roadshow then moved to Mall Ambassador and Kelapa Gading Mall. The first batch of 1000 Light Tabs originally planned for the 20-day roadshow sold out in only 10 days. So an emergency shipment of Light Tabs was made.

With careful market analysis in the early stages, practical planning, rigorous implementation of activities, and sincere cooperation between each team, the activities that coincided with Light Tab’s market release were a great success and further cemented ZTE’s brand in the Indonesian market. 

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