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A Trendsetter in 3G Handsets
ZTE N720/Penguin

ZTE N720 comes in white and light yellow and is penguin-shaped. The front section of the handset has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and the back has an Android logo that appears at the bottom of the casing. The logo represents the device’s Android system. As well as functions like Wi-Fi and GPS, the N720 has a built-in G-sensor, which makes for more comfortable viewing. The N720 is the first choice among twenty-somethings and those wanting to project a youthful image.

Standard GSM/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA  Camera 3.2 megapixels Display 2.8-inch TFT, 240×320 pixels Dimensions 106.8mm×59.2mm×14mm  Weight 105g


New Member of the “Smile”  Series
ZTE X630/Smile Txt

The X630 multimedia entertainment mobile with QWERTY keyboard is a new member of the “Smile” series and like X730, it is an entry-level handset in its own class. It has the same cat eye button (the colored area around the hang-up key) as the rest of the Smile series. The main menu is arranged in a square grid of nine icons with a dark display background. This phone is sure to be appreciated by the trendy “thumb generation.”

Standard GSM/GPRS Camera 0.3 megapixels Display 2-inch TFT, 220×176 pixels Dimensions 104mm×58mm×12.8mm Weight 80g


Charm of QWERTY Keyboard
ZTE R236

The R236’s QWERTY keyboard enables fast and accurate input and makes messaging easy. The black varnish casing is decorated with a metallic red color, giving the phone an elegant look. The built-in analog TV signal receiver chip can receive and process TV signals from various stations in real time. Free TV makes the phone more appealing to consumers.

Standard GSM/GPRS Camera 0.3 megapixels Display 2-inch TFT, 220×176 pixels Dimensions 107mm×53mm×13.5mm Weight 90g

Cost-effective Mobile Phone Duo
ZTE S213 and ZTE S215



ZTE is always innovating. Some innovative measures were taken at the design stage to ensure S213 came out on top in terms of cost-effectiveness. Practical functions such as flashlight, FM radio, and MP3 are built in. Storage capacity can be also expanded by using a MicroSD card. S215 is a complementary device of S213 with different colors for different tastes.

Standard GSM  Display 1.5-inch CSTN, 128×128 pixels

Dimensions 107mm×45mm× 13.3mm Weight 66g


Playing Different Roles
Z-Pad Z70 tablet



Juggling work and life can be made easier with Z-Pad Z70 tablet from ZTE. Following on the heels of ZTE Light tablet, this tablet has the functionality to play different roles for different people.  

In work life, Z70 is like a personal assistant. Powered by Android 2.1, it can smoothly handle office documents. At 205mm×115mm×13mm, it is slim and portable, reducing need for extra load during business trips. In leisure time, Z70 provides free internet access over Wi-Fi in airports or cafes. As for entertainment, it can serve as an MP3 player, MP4 player, or even a PSP. The 7-inch screen is designed for extraordinary visual experience. The high-end configuration and smooth performance are great for entertainment.

Operating System Android 2.1 
Display 7 inch TFT, 800×480 pixels
Weight 420g
Dimensions 205mm×115mm×13mm
Memory 4GB ROM + 256MB RAM, expandable to 512MB; Supports up to 32GB MicroSD card
Standby time 120  hours


Full Touchscreen Phone
ZTE X730/Smile Pro


As a member of “Smile” series, ZTE X730 inherits the design concept of X930—slim and chic. Vibrantly colored widgets on the touchscreen are arranged in a grid. Click on the “social” icon and social networking applications such as Facebook, MSN, and Twitter appear. With the “games & apps” widget, built-in Java applications can be used. It’s also possible to download games using mobile internet (WAP). These functions can help you become a social networking star.

Standard GSM/GPRS Camera 2 megapixels Display 2.8-inch TFT, 240×400 pixels Dimensions 104mm×48.6mm×11.9mm Weight 72g


The Future is Now
AL621 data card


BMW Vision EfficientDynamics interprets the future of sheer driving using present technology. Its futuristic styling is striking, and the AL621 has a similarly impressive form. The AL621 defines future-oriented data cards with the power of technology.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics has supreme efficiency with an average fuel consumption of 3.76 l/100km and a CO2 emission rating of just 99 g/km. Its hybrid power and environmental friendliness makes it a symbol of the future. The AL621, which supports LTE/DC-HSPA+/EGPRS, tells us the future has different roads and this is the one we need. The AL621 has exceeded all expectations just as BMW Vision EfficientDynamics has done.


Weapon for Ubiquitous Network Access
AC30 wireless router/Fivespot


AC30 is as small as a palm. Its slender body, complemented by small curvature at the corners and sideways angle, is slim, light, and dynamic. The AC30 with Wi-Fi access allows up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to connect to the Internet at the same time. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. It also provides 4 hours of usage time and 100 hours of standby, which guarantees wireless Internet access on business trips.


Speed King
MF680 data card

MF680 looks sharp with a streamlined body and vibrant colors. It supports dual cell HSPA+ and, with peak download speed of up to 42Mbps and peak upload speed of up to 11.5Mbps, has the fastest transmission speed in the world. Users can gain quick access to the Internet. Using the MF680 is like driving a superb racing car, but the heat output is small. In networking tests of operators in dozens of countries, the MF680 has performed optimally with rates close to the theoretical limit.



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