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High Efficiency

  • Cloud Radio Building Industry-Best 4G Networks

    The CoMP Lite technology is used to lower the requirements for bandwidth and delay, and makes the advanced technologies available in popular PTN, IP-RAN, and microwave bearer networks, significantly reducing mobile operators' investment in 4G networks.[Details]

  • LTE BeamHop AAS Solution

    ZTE’s LTE BeamHop AAS is the leading commercial solution for active antennas. It integrates the LTE radio unit into the antenna. By coordinating the multichannel RF and antenna oscillator, AAS implements beamforming and RF signal receiving/transmitting. [Details]


Flexible Networking

  • TD-LTE Micro Coverage Solution

    In B3G era, to meet the requirements of seamless network such as huge capacity and fast moving, the micro-cell coverage solution becomes increasingly important.[Details]



  • 5G Wireless: Technology, Standard and Practice

    5G wireless technology is developing at an explosive rate and is one of the biggest areas of research within academia and industry. With 2G, 3G and 4G, the peak service rate is the dominant metric that distinguishes these three generations. 5G will significantly increase the peak service rate but will also dramatically increase energy efficiency, frequency efficiency, spectral efficiency, and efficiency of other resources.[Details]



  • Integrated Command and Dispatch System

    The integrated command and dispatch system developed by ZTE Trunking consists of the wired and wireless converged dispatch subsystem, video dispatch subsystem, GIS subsystem, call center subsystem, alarm reception subsystem, contingency plan management subsystem, digital voice recording subsystem, coordinated command subsystem, clock synchronization subsystem, large-screen display subsystem, and so on.[Details]

  • Wireless Dispatch Solution for Ports and Piers

    The ZiLTE-based wireless dispatch solution for ports can provide the voice, short message, intercom, data, and HD video services in different scenarios, such as arrival or departure of vessels, goods loading and unloading, hoisting, and forwarding. Diversified operation information can be obtained in real time and commands can be rapidly issued to improve the efficiency of port dispatch management. [Details]




Network Optimization Tools

  • UE-Level Optimization and Operation Solution

    Using this solution, network operators can obtain the distribution information of UE types, so as to develop operation and optimization strategies to maximize operating revenues through network resource utilization. [Details]

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