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Distributed PV Power Generation Solution


The utilization of green energy, on the one hand can effectively relieve energy shortage and solve environmental pollution problems brought by fossil fuel, on the other hand it can promote local economic development. The distributed photovoltaic power generation system is one of the most important applications of green energy.


Solution Description

Distributed PV power generation system consists of large-scale PV arrays, grid-tied inverters, AC distribution, energy meter and supervision unit. When sunlight is strong, PV array directly converts solar energy into electrical energy and outputs DC voltage. Then grid-tied inverter converts it to AC voltage and supplies electricity to local load, the surplus will be transmitted to grid and the electricity gap will be complementary by the public grid.


Main component

  • PV array and DC junction Box
  • Grid-tied inverter
  • AC distribution systems and energy meter system
  • Environment & safety monitoring device and advanced distributed energy management supervising system.



High PV Power Generation

  •  High efficiency PV array + high efficiency inverter + high efficiency power distribution.
  • MPPT technology can increase utilization of solar energy.
  • High system efficiency + high utilization of solar energy, guarantee industry-leading high generated energy.


High Guaranteed Yield

  • Friendly grid interface will increase Photovoltaic power generation time.
  • Intelligent monitoring management system can realize visual, controllable and manageable of electricity to guarantee revenue maximum.



  • No noise, no pollution and no carbon emission, to reduce the haze weather.
  • Intelligent electricity management system increases energy efficiency to create green ecology park.


Application Scenario

Up to now, distributed PV power generation system is mainly used in industrial park or office building, commercial building, enterprise building with large area roof, etc.

Rooftop distributed PV power generation system can relieve the dependence on local public grid and cut down carbon emission of industrial park, creating eco-industry park.


As industrial electricity price is higher than grid purchase price, PV electricity will be mostly consumption in local, only a small proportion of the surplus electricity pours into the public grid. If All the PV electricity can be consumption in local, the yield of distributed PV power generation system is the highest.


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