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Intelligent OSS

  • Intelligent Routine Check Solution

    ZTE puts forward “intelligent routine check” function based on rich maintenance experience and realizes automatic, batch and remote routine check, generates routine check report and guarantees reliable equipment running. [Details]

  • One-key Upgrading Solution

    Core network plays a key role in the mobile communication network, as its NE type and networking mode is diversified and complicated technology, the traditional version upgrading is local, single and manual, which results in difficult upgrading operations, long time and high technical requirements on operations. [Details]

  • Call Trace System(CTS) Solution

    ZTE CTS (Call Trace System) is an end-to-end signaling trace tool based on subscribers, which is featured with network synchronization evolution ability, it fully supports GSM,UMTS,LTE/EPC and IMS network, CTS is a one-stop solution that provides signaling trace, signaling analysis, and fault localization functions. [Details]

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