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Convergence User Data

  • Multinational Telecom Operator (MTO) Solution

    MTO solution is based on ZXUN Universal Subscriber Profile Platform (USPP), so the Front End (FE) and Back End (BE) are flexibly deployed at different area or country. Centralized Physical Database (CPDB), deployed at MTO headquarters, achieves the centralized operation and maintenance (O&M) management; Distributed Physical Database (DPDB), deployed at country or area branch, achieves the regional O&M management. [Details]

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Solution

    MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) doesn’t have radio spectrum licenses, provide services by renting other operators’ networks, achieving resource complementation and win-win operation. But MVNOs have some problems.[Details]

  • Service Data Convergence Solution

    The independent Back End (BE) user database solution is based on BE of the ZXUN Universal Subscriber Profile Platform (USPP). The BE stores all user data , and provides open LDAP interface to third party Front End (FE) which is used for service applications of core network, service platform and IT network). It simplifies the network architecture and realizes the unified operation and maintenance management on user data as well as the convergence of IT/CT service. [Details]

  • User Data Convergence Solution

    User data convergence solution is based on the ZXUN USPP (Universal Subscriber Profile Platform) and complies with the standard 3GPP UDC architecture. With distributed architecture, USPP performs centralized storage and processing for the user data which is distributed on each NE in the traditional network, so as to build a unified convergent data center for the operator. [Details]

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