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Voice Communication

  • Cloud IMS Solution

    With the increasing competition in the telecom industry, the legacy telecom operators are threatened by the OTT service providers. The telecom industry is under pressure to deploy the mature virtualization technology to build its agile and elastic infrastructure to allow fast and efficient service deployment.[Details]

  • IMS Based PSTN/ISDN Network Migration Solution

    ZTE IMS based PSTN Migration Solution introduces AGCF entity, all the legacy AG/xPON users and PRI /V5 /ISDN /V5 ISDN /H.323 users can be accessed to IMS. Service server (PSS/PES AS and SIP AS) provides constant service experience for existing PSTN users and brings richer multimedia service experience for broadband users. [Details]


Packet Core

  • Imperceptible WiFi Offload Solution

    ZTE provides the WLAN+2G/3G convergence PS data service solution, helping cell phone user access self-operated service through automatic authentication, and reducing the data service pressure on mobile network. As shown below, ZTE WLAN +2G/3G convergence solution is only deploy one WLAN Offload Gateway (WOG), and is able to provide the Internet services and self-operated services. [Details]

  • Data Intelligent Network

    ZTE puts forward Data intelligent network (Data IN) solution, which realizes end-to-end dynamic closed-loop control, OTT service hierarchy management, VIP guarantee, one-key speed up and CP/SP open ability, thus to improve network efficiency, provide differentiated service with high-quality, explore profit-making space and improve competitiveness. [Details]


Convergence User Data

  • Multinational Telecom Operator (MTO) Solution

    MTO solution is based on ZXUN Universal Subscriber Profile Platform (USPP), so the Front End (FE) and Back End (BE) are flexibly deployed at different area or country. Centralized Physical Database (CPDB), deployed at MTO headquarters, achieves the centralized operation and maintenance (O&M) management; Distributed Physical Database (DPDB), deployed at country or area branch, achieves the regional O&M management. [Details]

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Solution

    MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) doesn’t have radio spectrum licenses, provide services by renting other operators’ networks, achieving resource complementation and win-win operation. But MVNOs have some problems.[Details]


Intelligent OSS

  • Intelligent Routine Check Solution

    ZTE puts forward “intelligent routine check” function based on rich maintenance experience and realizes automatic, batch and remote routine check, generates routine check report and guarantees reliable equipment running. [Details]

  • One-key Upgrading Solution

    Core network plays a key role in the mobile communication network, as its NE type and networking mode is diversified and complicated technology, the traditional version upgrading is local, single and manual, which results in difficult upgrading operations, long time and high technical requirements on operations. [Details]


Architecture Evolution

  • Cloud UniCore solution

    Cloud UniCore solution is based on NFV and SDN technology, its NE features virtualization realizes software&hardware decoupling, the software is not bound with private hardware , it uploads and runs on virtual machine, the hardware platform differences are shielded, and there is unified interface. [Details]

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