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  • Overview

    With the help of ZSmart B/OSS solutions, operators can use precise, real-time and individualized marketing campaigns to achieve more market share; they can easily convert traffic into revenue with customer-level, real-time billing and control.[Details]

  • ZSmart Policy and Charging Control

    With dozens of years of experience on telecom equipments and BSS/OSS systems, ZTE develops its professional policy and charging control solution to help operators to achieve maximum business value for the data services.[Details]

  • ZSmart Online Charging System

    ZSmart OCS is a truly convergent system based on bottom-up design, and surely accelerates the operators to realize market strategy and revenue growth. [Details]

  • ZSmart Multi-Channel Campaign Management

    ZSmart MCCM includes intuitive marketing process design and online execution that provides operators with a set of out-of-the-box capabilities for defining and delivering a variety of multi-channel campaigns to their customers quickly and cost-effectively.[Details]

  • ZSmart cvBS Convergent Billing Solution

    By taking the advantages and experiences of traditional IN-based prepaid solution and BSS/OSS solution, ZSmart cvBS realizes complete convergence and yet flexible charging and billing functionalities.[Details]

  • Customer Relationship Management

    ZSmart CRM is a member of ZSmart BSS/OSS product family, which provides telecom operators with an excellent CRM solution to increase quality and efficiency, decrease cost, and support decision and agile business operation. [Details]

  • ZSmart xMAN:Full Support Solution for FTTx

    Evolved from traditional OSS solution for fixed line networks, ZSmart xMAN is specially designed to take care of FTTx-specific features, such as endless emerging of new services (including VoIP and IPTV), adoption of cable multipoint connection and passiveness of ODN network.[Details]

  • Centralized and Comprehensive NOC Solution

    ZSmart iNOC provides an all-round service assurance solution for telecom operators to realize centralized network monitoring, end-to-end service quality management, as well as customer-based SLA enforcement.[Details]

  • ZSmart Signaling-based Business Insight

     After correlating and analyzing the above mentioned data, ZSmartSignalBI will generate the analysis results for network quality, service quality, service volume and user consumption behavior.[Details]

  • ZSmart Revenue Assurance

    ZSmart revenue assurance pays close attention to all segments in operators' revenue and payment service flow, effectively auditing core material and building end-to-end automatic monitoring and auditing platform.[Details]

  • ZSmart Fraud Management System

    ZSmart Fraud Management System (FMS) is designed to detect, analyze and handle various fraud activities in telecom industry in order to lower risk, reduce revenue loss, protect telecom customer's benefit and guarantee smooth telecom operation.[Details]

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