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ZTE QRun, Quick Run

QRun (Quick Run) is an integrated solution that consists of multiple modules and helps operators to achieve quick planning and construction, operation readiness, service fulfillment and operation assurance of fixed broadband networks.



1. Four full-lifecycle solutions cover four fields for quick service launching.


QRun fully covers the four fields. It is an out-of-box solution and focuses on FTTx deployment & operation quickly.
With flexible system modules combination and deployment modes according to actual scenarios, it provides quick operations readiness and shortens product time-to-market to meet the requirements for fast service release. 

2. Flexible system deployment suits different scenarios.

The modules in the QRun solution can be deployed dependently, so the operator can select necessary modules flexibly to suit different scenarios. It is suitable for mobile operators (used in Thailand AIS), traditional fixed operators (used in Thailand True), and national BB operators (used in Singapore Nucleus). 

3. Pre-integrated system for rapid entering of operations readiness.

The modules are pre-integrated, so there is no integration between the OSS inner modules, and no integration between the provisioning and ZTE FTTx network. So, it reduces the numbers of interaction among systems sharply.
In the TAILAND AIS project, QRun shortens the period to four months, helping the customer seize the market and enhance competitiveness. 

4. Full-lifecycle resource management for correct & real-time resources.

Based on electronic design and survey, the resource status is transferred from plan & design status, construction status, idle status, scrap status and so on. In this electronic way, the resource correctness is improved sharply. 

5. Smart site management terminals for installation efficiency improvement.

FOA (Field Operation Assistant), is a mobile APP that helps on-site engineers to install ONTs. Without manual communication, few errors happen under automatic process.

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