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ZTE eODN Solution Helps Build Visual, Manageable and Controllable Optical Networks

ZTE eODN solution covers the whole-lifecycle of ODN and helps operators build visual, manageable and controllable optical networks.

Figure: ZTE eODN System Architecture

ZTE eODN system consists of an intelligent planning and design sub-system (eDesign), an intelligent management sub-system (eManager) and an intelligent monitoring sub-system (eMonitor). It provides an end to end intelligent solution for ODN networks.

1. A whole-life-cycle solution builds visual, manageable and controllable optical networks

ZTE eODN solution covers each stage of the ODN network life cycle including network planning, construction and maintenance. It provides a unified platform and process to transfer data and build optical networks that resource are visible, ports are manageable and faults are controllable.

2. Customized and professional planning tools reduce the repetitive work

eODN intelligent planning and design sub-system is based on the GIS system, focuses on optical network and provides planning guidance, automatic statistics, solution analysis, cooperative work, etc. It improves stationing, line drawing, configuration and statistics efficiency, and reduces 50% of the repetitive work..

3. Based on e-Tag to realize closed flow and avoid man-made errors

eODN intelligent management sub-system is based on e-Tag for data storage, reading and writing, adopts electronic work order for construction guidance and data transfer, realizes the whole flow close-up, and avoids man-made errors caused during the data collection, input, transmission and service provision stage.

4. Centralized monitoring and real-time trouble shooting increase the efficiency

eODN intelligent monitoring sub-system monitors the entire network online without affecting existing services. It provides a real-time and automatic trouble shooting flow. Through healthy database comparison and monitoring curve analysis, it greatly shortens the time of fault location and judgment, and increases the trouble shooting efficiency.

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