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ODN Solutions Build High-quality FTTx Network

 Since ODN deployment takes the longest time and the largest investment in FTTx network, It becomes the most focus for the operators.

Figure 1 ODN=Optical Distribution Network


With a deep understanding of customer’s needs and FTTx evolution technology, ZTE issued the end-to-end ODN solution. It helps customers to build an optimized, reliable, manageable and accelerated delivery FTTx network.


Building Optimized FTTx Network 

  • Professional tool, focuses on fiber network planning and design, based on GIS platform
  • More than 300 experts focusing on ODN R&D
  • Excellent product quality
  •  Turnkey solution
  • Accelerated delivery


High-quality ODN Products

  • ODN products life cycle last 20-30 years
  • Including optical fiber cable optical splitter, optical distribution frame, joint closure, distribution box, ONU information box and etc.
  • Popular product design, follow industry standards EN and IEC
  • Customized solution
  • One-stop service


Turnkey Service to Build a Accelerated Delivery FTTx Network

  • Advanced outsourcing management and project management.
  • Covering full range of network deployment
  • Global experiences and large-scale integrated project ability
  • Offices spread over more than 140 countries
  • More than 1,600 worldwide partners
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