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eODN solution

Operator’s Challenges

With large-scale FTTH construction, optical fiber deployment is increasing explosively. Nevertheless, there are great differences between optical access network and traditional network in network planning, construction and maintenance.


ZTE eODN system

ZTE eODN is a whole-life-circle system, consisting of three major components, eDesign, eManager and eMonitor. It provides end to end smart solution for ODN network.

  • eDesign is an intelligent ODN Planning and Design Tool which based on GIS, focus on optical fiber network, integrated with information collection, analysis, planning, design and configuration.
  • eManager is based on the eNode, through the eServer and eKit to manage the optical network, realize optical network visible and manageable.
  • eMonitor can monitor and analysis the whole optical network status, realizing the fault exact and real-time location and alarm. 


  • Accurate and efficient optical fiber network planning

eODN provides an easy-to-use planning platform, ensures designers focus on planning scheme verification and selection, so as to select the most optimal design scheme, ensures the network construction in the right way; it also effectively reduces the occupied time of planning and design stage.


  • Intelligent and visible optical network management

eODN system helps customers set up a new intelligent management mode, solve the problem of optical network in management, make the optical network management easier, realize "free communication" between managers and ODN equipments, improve the management efficiency.


  • Real-time and accurate optical network monitoring

eODN system provides real-time optical fiber performance testing and maintenance, realizes accurate fault type judgment and fault site positioning, assists maintainers fast find the fault site and finish the troubleshooting.

  • Protect existing investment, save TCO

eODN system ensures the port resources accurate, efficiently protects existing investment, obviously reduces OpEx and save TCO.

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