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FTTx Service Assurance Solution Enables Intelligent and Efficient Operation


With the rapid growth of FTTx services, the FTTx network based on PON technology presents new features. The access network equipments appear far away from the central office, and huge amount of the access points arise. For fiber enters the copper draws back, the services become more diversified. All the services and different kinds of equipments require efficient maintenance.


The new features of FTTx network have brought great challenges for the network operation and maintenance. Various network failures, complicated faults diagnosis, the increasing OPEX and high requirement for the service quality make the telecom operators eagerly ask for an efficient and intelligent network O&M solution.



ZTE develops the ZXESS EasyOptical system, which is customized for the FTTx broadband service assurance, to meet O&M requirement. The system provides abundant functions, such as fault diagnosis, performance prediction, real-time detecting, alarm processing, network analysis and statistics, etc.  With the eOMU devices, which integrate the external OTDR module, optical multiplexer, switch matrix, the system is capable of precise fault location for the fiber network.

Figure1. ZXESS EasyOptical Deployment Architecture

Customer Benefits

  • Increasing Troubleshooting Efficiency
    EasyOptical helps operator greatly shorten the broadband service troubleshooting time for the complaint acceptance, faults diagnosis, and faults repair and recovery.


  • Reducing Broadband Service Failure Rate
    EasyOptical helps operator fulfill the proactive maintenance of broadband network to reduce the broadband network failure rate and the risk of performance decline.


  • Lowering OPEX of Broadband Service
    EasyOptical helps operator enhance the troubleshooting efficiency and save the manpower investment on FTTx network.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction Index and Quality of Experience
    EasyOptical reduces the FTTx network faults, the fault processing time to improve the service quality. All these will be helpful for improving subscriber’s CSI and QoE.
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