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FTTx Broadband Performance Evaluation Solution Ensures Refining Operation


With the rapid expansion of high bandwidth services (HDTV, UHDTV, 3D Video), the demands for bandwidth are exponentially growing, while the requirements for the user experience become higher and higher. Thus, more and more FTTx network based on the PON technology is deployed. However, the rapid growth of bandwidth didn't bring the multiplied revenue because of the increasing OPEX. How to reduce the cost of maintenance and make the best of bandwidth becomes important and urgent for the telecom operators.



ZTE proposed ZXESS EasyTraffic system to solve the network performance problem. The system is a network traffic analysis and visualization system, which collects the traffic of every port in the whole FTTx network, sorts the raw performance data, analyzes the data and generates all kinds of analysis result reports.

Figure1. ZXESS EasyTraffic Deployment Architecture

Customer Benefits

  • Getting the traffic distribution clearly directs the network expansion

The visualization of traffic and inventory enables the easier management of traffic and inventory, and presents a fairly clear picture of the resource status.


  • Balancing the traffic and inventory improves the utilization of network resource

With the comprehensive analysis of bandwidth utilization and ports utilization finds out the available inventory, balances the traffic and inventory, and makes the full use of them.


  • Assisting in analysis on network anomaly guarantees the user experience

It helps find out abnormal performance and show pre-warning for the equipments.


  • Knowing the user traffic behavior guides the business extension

Based on traffic analysis of ONU, the low bandwidth utilization areas and the high-value user areas are identified. The active marketing will be specific.

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