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Fixed Access

ZTE provides numerous flexible and green solutions for global operators to enhance their fixed network value and achieve a sustainable development, such as 10G-EPON solution, Next-generation home network solution, “Green” broadband solution, Next-generation PON, Broadband operation and maintenance solution, ZXA10 MSAN integrated service access network system and ZXDSL broadband access solution. 

  • XG-PON1 Solution: High Bandwidth and High Maturity

    ZTE XG-PON1 Solution provides 100M+ to 1000Mbps general access capabilities that are suitable for a wide variety of scenarios including high-end home broadband access, SOHO/SME high-speed access, and 3G/LTE backhaul access scenarios.[Details]

  • ZTE QRun, Quick Run

    QRun (Quick Run) is an integrated solution that consists of multiple modules and helps operators to achieve quick planning and construction, operation readiness, service fulfillment and operation assurance of fixed broadband networks.[Details]

  • FTTdp Solution

    FTTdp is a good choice which provides up to 1000M bandwidth by using copper cable for the last-100-meter access to save TCO. ZTE FTTdp solution solves the problem of OAM, expansion, upgrade, power supply, and on-site installation. [Details]

  • Vectoring Solution

    Two mainstream vectoring solutions are available: board-level vectoring (BLV) and system-level vectoring (SLV). BLV processes VDSL2 ports on each board (usually 32 or 48 ports) as an individual MIMO system or vectoring group. [Details]

  • ODN Solutions Build High-quality FTTx Network

    With a deep understanding of customer’s needs and FTTx evolution technology, ZTE issued the end-to-end ODN solution. It helps customers to build an optimized, reliable, manageable and accelerated delivery FTTx network. [Details]

  • FTTx Solution Helps LTE Fast and Flexible Deployment

    xPON FTTx optical access network, which has been large-scale deployment in the existing network, has a natural advantage on bearing the Small Cell, it’s coverage is highly consistent with the Small Cell requirements, and the network capacity in line with the requirements of LTE backhaul network which is extremely suitable for Small Cell backhauling. [Details]

  • eODN solution

    ZTE eODN is a whole-life-circle system, consisting of three major components, eDesign, eManager and eMonitor. It provides end to end smart solution for ODN network. [Details]

  • Building Full-Service Operation and Future-proof FTTx Network

    It offers multi-service and multi-scenario access, high bandwidth, excellent performance, carrier-class reliability and easy operation & maintenance. These functions and features enable the network to meet customers’ requirements, fully protect the investment and enhance the value of the FTTx network. [Details]

  • FTTx On-Demand Solution Faster Time to Market

    ZTE FTTx On-Demand solution with MSAN is the access solution use the latest fiber access and copper access technologies so you can deliver high-capacity broadband fast - sustainably, where it’s needed, and at the lowest cost. [Details]

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