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Hybrid Power Supply Transformation

Development Trend

With the development of carriers and the energy situation, the hybrid power supply transformation service rapidly develops towards two directions. In areas where power grids are insufficient, the hybrid power supply transformation service provides customized power supply solutions for carriers to improve power stability of network sites. The service also reduces carriers’ site operating expenditure. Together with new commercial models, the amount of operating expenditure decrement can be used as investment in the transformation service. Therefore, carriers do not need to pay capital expenditure, and carriers’ financial pressure is reduced.


Challenges to Customers

  • Energy consumption costs are high. In areas where electric supply is insufficient, oil cost exceeds 50 percent of the total cost of sites, and the oil cost keeps increasing.
  • The power supply transformation service needs new devices and manpower. The conventional mode increases carriers’ capital expenditure and financial pressure.


ZTE's Solution

ZTE hybrid power supply transformation service provides full solutions for comprehensive estimate, integrated design, technical solution, and energy consumption management, that is, the service provides carriers with end-to-end solutions from solution design to delivery.





  • Combine various power supply technical solutions, and provide customized solutions based on existing networks and carriers’ requirements.
  • Manage energy consumption of carriers’ existing networks, and intuitively displays energy conservation effects after power supply transformation.
  • Fully reuse existing resources to reduce transformation costs.
  • Use flexible commercial operation modes, such as conventional purchase mode, monthly payment mode, energy conservation revenue guaranteed mode, energy conservation revenue sharing mode, and power purchase mode.

Customer Benefits

  • The service guarantees reliable power supply. The hybrid power supply transformation solutions comply with the reliability-first rule, guaranteeing power supply security in sites.
  • Through new energy solutions, new storage solutions, and power supply control solutions, oil consumption can be reduced by 40%-100%.
  • Through shortening the operating time, maintenance costs of diesel generators can be reduced by 50%-60%, and the lives of generators can be increased by 30%-50%.


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