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Data Center Integration & Transformation

Development Trend

Nowadays, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are under the pressure of transforming the IT infrastructure from a cost center to a strategic element for business promotion. The following new tasks come one after another: promoting the growth of businesses, speeding up the launching of new products and services, rapidly integrating purchased enterprises, increasing the investment in innovation, bringing the IT infrastructure into full play to gain new competitive edges in businesses, and cutting the costs. Almost all the business flows depend on the data center resources which include new and old technologies, software applications, and employee skills. Therefore, to maintain the growth of businesses, CIOs must coordinate various resources, and use new technologies to improve the operation efficiency and business response capability.


Challenges to Customers

Data centers today face unprecedented challenges. They cannot meet requirements for management, infrastructure, energy, heat dissipation, and space resources any longer. This type of data center crisis has serious impacts. It may even threaten an enterprise's ability to meet new business requirements and hamper the development of the enterprise. 


Therefore, as a CIO, on one side, you should provide support for new IT plans and add new infrastructure facilities to promote the growth of businesses and reduce risks. On the other side, you need to control the IT costs generated in the rapid growth and remove constraints on the data center. Besides, you also need to do all you could to reduce business and IT risks. To strike a balance between the above two aspects, your IT department needs to develop a clear and long-term strategy, so that the data center can evolve into one that is more intelligent and efficient and can create more values for businesses. The evolution process can be started from some targeted plans. However, its final target is still to integrate and transform the data center to speed up the innovation and growth of businesses.


ZTE’s Solution

Knowing the challenges and opportunities in this aspect, ZTE Corporation is vigorously integrating and transforming its own data centers. ZTE can help you determine a proper technology maturity level and then customize a solution for you based on your business targets and requirements. In addition, we will launch a series of integration projects and formulate feasible targets for each project, helping you transform the infrastructure environment of your data center to meet the current and future business requirements.



ZTE’s data center integration & transformation service is aimed at speeding up the launch of currently most important IT plans, such as providing efficient and intelligent data center consultation and planning, improving energy/space efficiency, implementing intelligent management, and launching data center virtualization and integration. 


ZTE Corporation will provide customized integration products and services for each plan, including IT hardware, software, and services.These products and services will provide feasible methods to help you overcome the data center energy and space constraints and weak points in operation, and break IT restrictions on the growth and flexibility of the data center. In addition, this data center integration & transformation service can make IT infrastructure coordinated with the business targets.


Different from solutions from other manufacturers, ZTE's solution focuses on the entire data center rather than on a particular part. Based on a thorough understanding of your data center, ZTE will work closely with you to build the data center into a more flexible and efficient environment that can quickly respond to any business requirements.



  • Improving efficiency of resources, reducing energy costs, and removing obstacles to the growth of businesses
  • Promoting the value of businesses through virtualization, and simplifying and standardizing the data center
  • Transforming the data center into a service-driven and intelligent data center and accomplishing automatic processing of daily affairs of the IT department, operation, and end-to-end flows
  • Providing a complete and reliable combination of products and services
  • Rich experiences


Customer Benefits

  • Enhancing the value of IT to the development of enterprise’s businesses, and clearly reflecting the value of the data center and the services it can provide
  • Optimizing and controlling IT investment and costs
  • Reducing costs of data center management, operation, and maintenance
  • Rapidly achieving the deployment of IT applications in the rapid growth of businesses without frequent transformations of the core IT infrastructure, and enhancing the stability and scalability of the IT structure


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