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Introduction to ZXONE 5800

ZXONE 5800 is new generation large-capacity transmission equipment with intelligent features. Design with advanced ideology, it integrates SDN/OTN/WDM into a multi-degree platform, breaks the single product architecture, follows operators’ complex evolution at the core layer from 2Gà3GàLTE to all-service, and is ZTE’s flagship product targeting high-end applications. ZXONE 5800 is applicable to metro core layer/long-haul backbone layer. ZXONE 5800 features robust and agile networking capability, perfect reliability design and GMPLS-based ASON intelligence, meeting the requirements for add/drop and flexible scheduling of medium-to-large-capacity and large-granule services in the network.


  • Robust service scheduling and grooming capability

ZXONE 5800 has super-large higher-order cross-connect capability and lower-order cross-connect capability, thus realizing flexible scheduling of services with various granularities in the networkfully satisfies the requirements in future network construction.

  • Rich slot resources, varieties of service interfaces and powerful networking capability

ZXONE 5800 provides sufficient slot resources. It enables access of STM-1/4/16/64, GE, 10GE and SAN services, and supports OTH interface and integrated WDM functionality. ZXONE 5800 supports various networking modes (including chain, ring, intersection ring, and tangent ring) of legacy SDH, mesh networking and hybrid networking, accommodating to complex network topology.

  • Carrier-class high reliability design

Perfect equipment and network protection mechanism ensures high availability of 99.999% for the network. The system adopts security design, such as 1+1 protection for power board and NE control & clock boards, 2:4 protection for cross-connect boards, and upper/lower fans, implementing equipment-level protection. It supports all protection modes recommended in ITU-T standards, as well as Mesh protection and restoration with ASON intelligence.

  • GMPLS-based ASON intelligence

ZXONE 5800 can load intelligent control plane to implement auto-discovery of topology and resource, automatic end-to-end service provisioning, dynamic restoration, and a multitude of protection and restoration modes, greatly enhancing network flexibility and survivability.

Benefits for customers

  • Power saving, green and eco-friendly

ZXONE 5800 adopts cutting-edge power management system. It uses NM to control the power usage of sub-rack boards and shut down unused boards, thus prolonging the life of boards, reducing power consumption and saving OPEX. Use of integrated ICs with low power consumption in board design results in vastly lowered power consumption in equipment operation.

  • Rational design to ease operation and maintenance

ZXONE 5800 employs 300mm-deep standard cabinet, and single-facing and triple-layered structure sub-rack. Designed with front-facing cabling, front-facing installation and front-facing maintenance, it can be mounted against the wall to save equipment room space. The optical modules are pluggable, making it flexible and easy for configuration.

  • Future-oriented design to protect investment

During the future evolution of transmission network, large-granule service scheduling is increasingly taking bigger proportion. In full adaptation to the development trend, ZXONE 5800 enables smooth upgrade from SDXC to OTH equipment, ideally fitting operators’ fervent hopes for carrying large-granule packet services, whilst maximally protecting existing investment and maximizing operators’ benefits. With common card design, it implements different service modes by means of modifying card software, showing enhanced adaptability to the changing service requirements in sites and network evolution, resulting in greatly reduced board types and spare quantity and vast CAPEX and OPEX savings.

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