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ZXR10 6800 Multi-Service Router

 ZXR10 6800 series router is an high performance intelligent multi-service router promoted by ZTE .With modular, scalable system architecture, and Open Service Unit(OSU),  it can constitute intelligent, efficient, reliable, and flexible IP network with easy maintenance. Forwarding plane and control plane separation and dual redundant design, which ensure safe and reliable of the equipment. "ALL in one" design concept, offering rich interface types and business functions, ZXR10 6800 can provide flexible functions customization and combination depending on the user’s requirement. A variety of MPFUs with different performance smooth upgrading to meet the user step-by-step investment demand, which minimize the cost of investment and construction of the clients on the network.


ZXR10 6800 series routers include three models, i.e. 6802, 6804 and 6812. In addition to the operator’s DCN,BRAS and Metro-E networks, they are also extensively used at the egress gateway and the access/aggregation layer of the enterprise network, providing on-demand networking services.


Key Features of Product

With mature and efficient ZhongXing Router Operating System (ZXROS), ZXR10 6800 series routers, including 6802, 6804 and 6812 three models, meet the existing and future requirements of the customers for deploying all sorts of services. ZXR10 6800 devices help the customers to win future success easily by building them colorful and intelligent networks.


Redundancy & Reliability Pithiness & Strength

  • Dual control units, wired and wireless egress backup.
  • 200mm compact structure, up to 40Gbps throughput capability.

Convenience & Smartness Scenarios & Flexibility

  • Focus on residential, commercial and mobile services at the same time, MPLS-to-Edge deployment.
  • Be suitable for MAN, IP RAN, DCN, CDN and e-government network.


Variety & Multi-network Almightiness & Perfection

  • Complete features include 300K to 10G and xDSL to 3G/LTE.
  • Integrate router, switch, firewall, NAT,BRAS and AP together.
  • OSU open business units help customers, and third-party manufacturers to achieve a more extensive business integration.


Multi-tier & Sustainability Dual-stack & Smoothness

  • Multi-tier performance engines which are capable of the on-demand upgrade keep the pace with the times.
  • NAT, tunnel and dual-stack are all ready for the V6 Era.


Zero-touch & Swiftness Simplicity & Easiness

  • Plug-and-play completes service configuration automatically.
  • One simple command can control all system information.
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