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ZSmart Sales Force Automation System

ZSmart Sales Force Automation (SFA) system provides a unified sales management platform to support routine management for sales staffs, including lead management, opportunity management, sales activity management and sales team management.


Key Features 

  • It is integrated with unified customer view to provide customer information from 360⁰ view for sales staffs. Unified customer view includes customer information, account information, contact person information, currently and historically subscribed product information, orders, bills and CDRs.
  • Flexible rule engine can support dispatch of leads, opportunities and activities based on various factors, such as customer types and regions.
  • Comprehensive sales supporting module contains task management, collaboration order management, competitors and their product information and the underlying mail support system.
  • System administrators can define flow template flexibly based on specific service flows. The portal page is configurable for sales staffs to display the most important information.
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