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ZSmart Settlement System

Settlement is the process to settle service fee or related charge among telecom operation entities according to preset rules. ZSmart Settlement System is designed to support settlement process. According to different business features, settlement system can support inter-connection settlement, international roaming settlement, and SP/CP settlement.


Compliant with international TMF and TMN recommendations, ZSmart Settlement System is not only a reliable system for Interconnection Settlement and Roaming Settlement, but also provides operator with an advanced comprehensive solution to meet various settlement requirements for fixed, mobile and other networks and various services, such as voice, data, bearer and value-added service.


Key Features

Muti-Service & Multi-Role Support

ZSmart Partner Settlement supports settlement of different levels for different services. It can serve as all business settlement entities which have relations with the operator except for the end user. Specially, it can provide operator with settlement solutions for interconnection settlement, GSM international roaming setttlement, CDMA international roaming settlement, dealer settlement and CP settlement.


Support for Roaming Hub

Instead of signing roaming settlement agreements with the settlement partners one by one, the operator can sign agreement with the Hub Operator directly to provide roaming service.ZSmart Partner Settlement can support the solutions and service scenarios specified by Roaming Hub protocols.


Unified Rating Engine

ZSmart's rating engine is mature product which has been deployed in hundreds of projects for global operators.It can support any measure on any charging attribute for all services, which enables operators to set

  • All telecom services: fixed networks, mobile networks, IP networks, etc.
  • All charging attributes: location, distance, time span, data traffic and QoS, etc.
  • Arbitrary measures: session duration, traffic, event, transaction content or their combinations, etc.

Based on the flexible structure, the rating engine can be easily extended to support new services and new price plans.


Flexible Invoicing

ZSmart Partner Settlement allows the operator to specify statistics on the settlement bill data.The plug-in structure provides flexible mechanism to realize any requirements.


Support for Multiple Time Zones and Multiple Currencies

The settlement partner may be located in a country with multiple time zones.ZSmart Settlement can identify time zone for the operator in a country with multiple time zones can use the same time zone to complete settlement process, such as checking the duplicated CDRs. ZSmart Partner Settlement designs its own time function to support daylight-saving time.


Different currencies can be configured in the system and used for rating the settlement data. The system fully supports the currency exchange rate calculation methods specified in TAP protocols. The system can get the currency exchange rate from IMF or Reuters to help the operator control the risk of exchange rate floating.


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