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Video Dispatch System VDS100 System

VDS100 is a professional visual dispatching system integrated the functions of VCS(video conference system) and VSS(video surveillance system), providing a platform for integration of A/V applications. It can realize two-way A/V communication between control-center and controlled-points, supply the unified the management for a variety of terminals, which lets people make decisions and scheduling quickly.



All-in-one Design, Convenient Operation 

Touch screen all-in-one design lets to complete the scheduling operation with light press.


One-key Calling, Quickly and Efficiently 

Users only need to touch one button on the screen to start the default call-scheduling, it replaces the traditional operation mode, greatly improves the efficiency of calls, is especially suitable for the application of emergency dispatching scenarios.

One-point and Multi-points Scheduling 

VDS100 supports one-point and multi-points scheduling, can effectively meet the application of various kinds of scheduling scenarios.


Multi-points Video Browsing 

VDS100 supports real-time video images of various points scheduled, including VCS terminals and VSS Pus, it is intuitive and practical.


Flexible Networking 

VDS100 can be used in large or small and medium-sized scheduling center. It can work for small command point in leadership office, and also be deployed for large scheduling center according to the requirements to extend the system.

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