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High Definition Color Camera V90ZS

ZTE V90ZS is a full high-definition, high resolution, wide viewing angle, color video camera, with a 1/2.5 inch, 2.7 million effective pixels HD CMOS image sensor, and exclusive binning, image effects. The ZTE V90ZS has built-in 10x optical zoom lens, which can capture a wide range of objects within the region. Combined with precise mechanical structure and convenient control, the camera is easy to take high speed, tilt / level operation, with almost no disturbance.


As a professional camera, the ZTE V90ZS has many dedicated functions for conferencing: such as supporting 10 preset position, remote operation and far end remote control, in-ceiling mount installation. It’s an ideal choice for video conferencing, remote education, and telemedicine.



5M Pixel High Definition Video Sensor 

With 1/2.5 inch, 5 Million pixel high quality HD CMOS transducer, the ZTE V90ZS can achieve 1920 x 1080 super high resolution video. 


Binning Image Algorithms 

Sampled signal will be four or two adjacent pixels averaging the output of a pixel, so the image signal can improve the sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. Thus the overall effect of the screen is closer to the truth.


Wide Range, High Speed and Low Noise Pan/Tilt Rotation

The ZTE V90ZS supports step motor driving, smooth rotation and user friendly without dithering. The ZTE V90ZS can move to the appointed position quickly and accurately, meanwhile, shooting large area.


High Definition Multiple Video Output Format 

The ZTE V90ZS offers 1080i, 1080p, 720p HD video format, and can video out the HD analog signal and digital signal simultaneously from the interface of YPbPr, HDMI, HD-SDI.


High Quality Video Transfer by HD-SDI 

Equipped with HD-SDI interface terminal (SMPTE292M), The ZTE V90ZS supports long distance, high quality HD video transfer.


RS-232C Remote Controller (VISCA Protocol)

RS-232C(VISCA protocol) interface: All the setting of camera and pan/tilt/zoom can be remote high speed communication controlled.

10 Preset Position

The ZTE V90ZS supports 10 preset position, preset pan, tilt, zoom, focus position, exposal mode and white balance. And it can preset data never lost when power is off.  


Multi-function Remote Controller 

Equipped with easy and convenient remote controller; Except the basic setting and the control of pan, tilt, zoom, the ZTE V90ZS can also set the relative parameters of camera by the remote controller.


Support in-Ceiling Mount Installation 

The ZTE V90ZS supports in-ceiling mount installation structurally, and set the rotation of image pan/tilt by serial command. The image rotation command can be kept after power-off.


 OSD Menu in English 

There are English-Chinese OSD menu, and by the menu the users can set the camera exposure parameter, change the video format, and check the current status.

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