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Video Conferencing Software Client T100i (iSee)


The ZTE T100i, an intelligent software program, can turn your personal computer or mobile into a powerful visual communication device enabling face-to-face virtual meetings and online collaboration.  

The ZTE T100i software endpoint delivers standard quality video and audio communication over IP networks, even at low bandwidths. It provides a wide range of document and application sharing facilities allowing colleagues, vendors and suppliers to collaborate online, from wherever they may be in the office, at home or while travelling.


The ZTE T100i virtual meetings are as good as being there. Achieve More; Travel Less.

The ZTE T100i is easy to set up and use. It makes joining video conferences and virtual meetings simple. It supports video calls in both SD formats and includes a full suite of data sharing and collaboration tools.


The ZTE T100i requires to connect to FTS1000 for activation when first launch. Please contact your FTS1000 administrator to get the address of FTS1000. Once activated, users can simply log onto their iPad from anywhere and have instant access to their contacts and virtual meeting rooms.  


Excellent User Experience 

The ZTE T100i endpoint provides outstanding audio and video quality.


All the Tools You Need 

Once in a call or a meeting, the ZTE T100i provides a wide range of tools for presenting and sharing information, chairing or moderating meetings.


Call Video Conferencing Systems 

Based on industry standards, the ZTE T100i endpoint can interoperate with the existing H.323 video conferencing room systems, enabling users to join video meetings between meeting rooms.

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