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Recording and Streaming Server RMS1000

RMS1000 is a high-performance multimedia meeting recording and streaming produce latest developed by ZTE. Based on a dedicated video processing chip, RMS1000 is integrated with different input and output interfaces for HD video, audio, VGA, and USB signals, allowing it to automatically identify various signal source combinations, generate generic MP4 video files, and enable the PC and IPAD to manage the system concurrently.


In conjunction with the video meeting terminal and the media publishing platform (MPP, name of one product ), RMS1000 can respond to the live streaming and VOD playing requirements from multiple users and support the resource sharing based on Android and IOS mobile terminals. 



Concurrent Recording of HD Media Signals 

Supports the concurrent recording of two-channel video signals (up to HD 1080P) and one-channel audio signal. The recording task can be control through the front panel buttons.


USB High-speed Recording 

Saves the video files directly to a mobile storage device connected to the USB interface of RMS1000 or copies the generated video files to a storage device.


MP4 Video File 

Generates generic MP4 video files to meet users’ requirements at any time and place.


Local Playback 

Provides a Video Graphics Array (VGA) playback output interface to preview the recording effect, play the recording files, and output media signals in HD mode. The search and playback functions can be controlled through front-panel buttons.


Convenient Management 

Enables the PC and iPad to manage the system concurrently.


Video Resource Publishing 

Uses HTML5, a resource sharing technology, to share resources based on Android and IOS mobile terminals with media publishing palrform(MPP).


Standard Stream 

Supports standard streams of Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RTSP).


Live Streaming and VOD Playing 

Connected to an MPP to provide HD, VGA, and SD video/audio signals. Users can access the MPP to play video/audio files in live or VOD mode and check dynamic information on the PC screen.

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