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Firewall Traversal Service FTS1000

The FTS1000 enables video conferences wherever an IP network reaches. 

The FTS1000 is an essential component in any video communications network where video calls need to be made across network boundaries. With the FTS1000, virtual videoconferencing between users in different locations or different organizations are secure and simple. The technical obstacles created by the vital security features of global networks such as firewalls and network address translations (NAT) are not risked, or compromised.



  • Transparent 

Maintain existing security policies. Use existing or preferred 3rd party video infrastructure.


  • Software and Scalable

Traversals can be added as needed and the software can run in a virtualized environment. Ease of administration and installation.


  • H.460 Support 

Old and new systems are equally supported.


  • Universal Tunneling 

Support for legacy systems and integrated into software clients for efficient traversal.


  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Device 

Support for devices and endpoints from all major manufacturers. Can be managed by existing gatekeepers.


  • Privacy when you need it 

Encryption options available for all media.

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