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Digital Array Microphone ZXV10 A100

ZTE digital array microphone ZXV10 A100, with the latest audio process technology, and the fashion design and 8 meters 360° omni-directional pickup, which supports 3 cascade, with the use of ZTE video conference terminals, can bring you CD like audio experience.  


ZTE A100 supports POE and built-in speaker to provide human voice prompt while the interfaces are anti-loosening designed to prevent accident disconnection.


ZTE A100: perfect audio process, useful features and fashion design, bring you perfect HiFi audio experience!



360° Omni-directional Pickup, Theater Sound Effects

supports eight-meters 360° accurate omni-directional pickup, supports three  cascades which can make the HiFi audio experience more complete, people do not miss any detail change of the sound in the remote meeting room. ZTE video conference terminals can bring you CD like audio experience.


Perfect Digital Audio Process Technology, to Prevent Cell Phone Interference 

All the four-directional microphone can turn on or turn off independently, supports AEC (automatic echo cancellation), ANS (automatic noise suppression) and AGC (automatic gain control), which make the sound effects of the meeting much more clear and comfortable.


Fashion and Humanized Design 

ZTE A100 digital array has the built-in speaker which can provide the human voice prompt, and also supports POE or external power supply, which can be uses with different videoconference terminals.


All the interface on A100 (Ethernet, audio input, power), are anti-loosening designed to prevent the accident disconnection. 

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