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HD Video Conferencing M900 Server

The ZTE M900 multipoint control unit, with built-in firewall traversal (H.460) capabilities, delivers scalable, flexible and cost-effective high definition communication services for enterprise or service providers. 

Introducing the ZTE M900, an enterprise grade high definition video conferencing server, based on an integrated design to reduce rack space and allow for easy network operation.
The main features of the ZTE M900 include the use of industry wide standard protocols and functions such as  H.323 and SIP, H.264 HP, IVVR, web monitoring, continuous presence, H.460 firewall traversal, H.235 encryption, H.239 dual streaming, multiple conference support and flexible screen layout options.


  • Highly Efficient Integrated Design
    M900 supports multiple protocols, such as H.323 and SIP, and it has a built-in Gatekeeper, SIP Registrar function,  H.460 and Static NAT support and a web server, clearing away communication barriers and allowing people to collaborate more effectively with videoconferencing.


  • HD Continuous Presence to Enhance User Experience
    M900 supports up to 20 ports of continuous presence (CP) at 1080p30 & 720p60 definition, or 40 ports of CP at 720p30 definition, and the web interface allows real-time control of continuous presence multiple layout options.


  • Customized Services to Meet Executive Demands
    Based on powerful IVVR functions, meeting participants are able to create and join meetings, and are able to see and select meeting rooms. With transcoding, users can access a meeting at different speeds and definitions to join the same meeting, and ensure everyone is able to benefit from the best possible video and audio experience.


  • Intelligent Network Features
    In order to ensure the maximum video experience across challenging and disparate customer network environments, the M900 can automatically and dynamically adapt to network conditions using features such as FEC, and QOS which guarantees the best quality video and audio even up to 10% packet loss.
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