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iVAd(Interactive Video Advertisement)

Brief Introduction

By using the latest Internet technology, ZTE-iVAd Interactive Video Advertisement system solves the problems with traditional electronic screen advertising in terms of management and maintenance. That is, ZTE-iVAd can manage scattered electronic screens in a centralized manner and provide an independent virtual service operation environment, bringing an advertising and user management platform to operators and industry/group users.


ZTE-iVAd solution is a carrier-class electronic advertising solution based on ZTE's IPTV technology. To meet carrier-class platforms' requirements for stability, security, and scalability, ZTE-iVAd solution supports the million-level large-scale deployment capability, and provides carrier-class QoS. This solution is based on the IP streaming technology, so that it can release ad content over IP networks precisely and interactively in real time, and can support enriched novel advertising operation modes. Designed on the basis of the digital multimedia technology, this solution can release video ads as well as ads in pictures, text, and messages, and provides operators with precise advertising and media resource classification.

Market Applications

With its strong technical advantages and commercial capabilities, ZTE-iVAd solution has been quicklydeployed since its birth in 2010. Till now, there are more 4 commercial offices around the world, including Indonesia Telkom, Jiangsu China Mobile, Fujian China Telecom and etc.

Customer Benefits
  • Easy deployment with high reliability, large capacity, high reliability and open characteristics

Key devices of the system work in load-sharing mode for high reliability. Concurrency of one single node reaches up to 2,500; the system supports smooth expanding to thousands of concurrency which had been passed a commercial test.


  • Support Contract management & auto-generated play plan

Users can create an advertising contract, and specify advertising materials, play time segment, advertising terminal and show channel requirements. The system can automatically make a play plan for each group of terminals according to these requirements, helping people reduce workload.


  • Support Multi-channels

After advertising terminal powers on, you can select one to show from multiple advertising channels, or you can set default advertising channel which will be showing after power on. This feature is being used for many industry requirements, such as ad terminal in hotel will selects Hotel advertising channel to show.


  • Support multi-types of ad templates

Users can customize a variety of advertising template to display advertising. For example, video is displaying on the left, and the related information like pictures is showing on the right.


  • Support right-based, domain-based, and Grouped terminal management

In order to meet operational management needs, Administrator can assign a group of Terminal grouping by domain or personnel and some combination of permissions to the specified operator.


  • Support multi-materials like VOD, live, photos, text, and so on
  • Support online/offline/integrated modes of ad play to fit for different network situation
  • Supply a variety of style advertising Terminals to meet the needs of various operating environmentsGame Platform System

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