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ZTE Launches MF90 4G Mobile Hotspot Device for 100Mbps Data Transmission


New uFi Device Offers Superior LTE Performance and Multi-Network Compatibility



30 May 2013, Shenzhen – ZTE today announced the launch of MF90, the company’s new 4G uFi (unified WiFi) mobile hotspot device, delivering high-speed data access for consumers on-the-go via LTE wireless networks.

 (The ZTE MF90 is available in a variety of colors)


The MF90 supports simultaneous wireless data access by 10 users, and offers maximum data transmission speeds of 100Mbps. The mobile hotspot device is supported on mainstream 4G frequency bands globally, including Europe and Asia Pacific, and is backward compatible with 3G and 2G networks. The MF90 supports dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi networks, WiFi 2X2 MIMO, and 802.11 b/g/n.

Offering improved power consumption capabilities compared with first-generation LTE uFi devices, the MF90’s 2300mAh battery supports four hours of continuous use, meeting the needs of most business users and consumers.


 (The user interface of ZTE WiFi monitor)


Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, the MF90 provides users with one-touch network connectivity. Consumers may check the operating status of MF90 using their smartphones through ZTE WiFi monitor user interface.


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