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Construction of highly efficient and secure multi-service communications network is the common goal of different operators. The IP network that can integrate all service as an organic whole and create value for customerspresents the development trend of communications network in the future.


How to build a highly efficient and secure IP network? The answer of ZTE Corporation is integration of IP network. The integrated IP network can supply a better business fusion based on security control.

How to help customers to build both highly efficient and secure IP network? In this regard, the answer of ZTE Corporation is Integration. Previous IP networks more focused on the content of transmission layers, emphasizing on the third and the fourth floors. At present, on the premise of integration, the IP network can be extended from the most basic layer (the third and the fourth layers) to the sixth layer, even to the seventh one, and finally to the application layer. IP-integrated network provides not only a simple IP network linkage, or a simple security control based the third and the fourth layers, but also a better service integration capacity.


ZTE Corporation owns its integrated communications application system. The system is based on multi-service message routing (MSMR) platform, takes ZXECS system as its core, melts voice, video and text (IM, instant messaging) as a whole, combines cable and wireless access, and unifies user interface, configuration and user management. The integration of these technologies makes its use more convenient.


ZTE Corporation's integration is mainly reflected in such aspects. First of all, the same function is integrated into the Smart IP network in the entire network, including low layers' transmission, routing and switch functions, and high layers' business support and application functions. Secondly, the integration uses MSMR technology and general agreement to achieve the access of common business system to the application business system. Third, ZTE Corporation has many technologies to ensure the security of communications networks, such as AMAT (intelligent security protection system) proprietary technology which can control IP network over attacks from abnormal IP flows. Fourth, ZTE Corporation owns ZSA solution for terminal security control, which provides safeguards for terminal products from the most basic IP address binding to the whole binding of the switch address/time and flow. In addition, the ZSA strengthens terminal management, such as asset management, patch, software update, anti-virus software install as well as user behavior control, achieving corresponding documentation strategies and ensuring document security.


In respect of business security, ZTE Corporation launched the DPI (deep packet inspection) technology, which can perceive the data in business layer. The technology can directly measure the load of data packets, judge the types of data and even spy the potential attacks in data packets.

During the Beijing Olympic Games, ZTE Corporation exclusively constructed TD-SCDMA network in Beijing, and participated in the constructions of 3G networks for Olympic Games in Qingdao, Chinhuangtao, Tianjin and Shenyang. Except for providing stable and timely services to 10,050 athletes and more than 20,000 journalists from 204 countries, the communications network for the Olympic Games also needed to meet the demands of the heads of state, senior government officials and a large number of visitors for secure and convenient service. In order to bring TD-SCDMA users a better experience and improve the service quality of the Olympic Games, ZTE Corporation input a large number of resources to promote the innovations of 3G technology, and successfully developed the first batch of TD serialization-wide IP bases, marking the establishment of smooth evolution foundation of TD-SCDMA from the point of product. ZTE Corporation's products not only meet the high-capacity, high-security needs of the Olympic venues, and reduce the difficulty in operation and maintenance, but also facilitate the re-use of equipments.
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